10 Design Conventions for an Impeccable and Safe Kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the house. It is the favorite area of mothers and other family members who love to cook. It is also where delicious home-made meals come from. With that being said, it’s a no-brainer that this area should be one of the cleanest part of the house.

As one of the most important part of the house, it needs to be well-designed and well-kept.

A kitchen with a good layout can help avoid undesirable incidents to happen. You should make sure that traffic in the kitchen is good so that you wouldn’t stumble on anything especially while cooking and while carrying some hot stuff.

If you really want to have a good kitchen, here are some tips to help you create an impeccable and safe kitchen. These tips could be your primary guide in creating your ideal kitchen.

1. Choose the right layout.

Choose the right layout

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Layout is the key to a good kitchen. In doing your kitchen layout, take note of the ‘Golden Triangle’ where in you have to place your fridge, sink and oven or range close to each other positioned at the three sides of the triangle. No matter how big or how small your kitchen is, you have to see to it that these three main work areas are not more than three meters apart. You can’t just place these things anywhere. Be sure that it is easy to move around your kitchen.

2. Surfaces need to be smooth.

Surfaces need to be smooth

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Make sure that surfaces in your kitchen are smooth and streamlined. Sinks should be placed well. It would be better to use under-bench sinks so that its edges won’t be seen. Cupboards should be installed in a manner that it reaches the ceiling. Make sure that your storage spaces are done in a way that it won’t accumulate dust. Do not waste spaces.

3. Maximize storage space.

Maximize storage space

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For a well kept kitchen, you need to have good storage spaces. Use drawers for they maximize storage space. Have deep drawers for your pots and pans and shallow ones for your cutlery. It is important to keep sharp objects especially if there are kids at home. Use hanging cabinets that reaches the ceiling. For your handles, use finger pulls or stainless steel for a better look.

4. Have good lighting.

Have good lighting

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Make sure your kitchen is well lighted. You wouldn’t want to work in a dark kitchen. You can put up some pendants, halogens and over-bench lights. To create a mood, you may use ceiling lights with dimmers. Whatever you do with your lighting, just be sure to make the area bright especially in work areas.

5. Flooring choices.

Flooring choices

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You can use cold flooring for your kitchen. Ceramic tiles, granite and marble can be used. You may also opt for dark flooring if you want as long as your walls are light. Just make sure that your floor color option matches your wall. Make sure your floor is dry all the time to avoid accidents.

6. Conceal some appliances.

Conceal some appliances

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It is not impossible to do this. Your kitchen will look cleaner and neater if you conceal some of your appliances. It can also help in ensuring the cleanliness of these valuable things. Place them behind closed doors. Your fridge can be fitted well in a space in the kitchen that it will blend well with the rest. This is the secret of a well-kept kitchen.

7. Choose a good splashback.

Choose a good splashback

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Splashbacks are mostly used in the kitchen these days instead of tiled countertops. Aside from giving a streamlined look, it can also make your kitchen look classier. The good news is you can now choose different colors, patterns and designs for your splashbacks. You can even opt to use wooden, stone or steel. Whichever is appealing to you and suitable to your kitchen, the important thing is you could get a smart splashback.

8. Have appealing benchtops.

Have appealing benchtops

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For your benchtops, opt for natural textures. You may want to use marble, granite, polished timber, or poured concrete. Choose the one that suits the theme and color of your kitchen. But you can create your own benchtop by applying thick edges to a thin slab. Let it blend with the kitchen and get the kind of look you want. Make sure also that the edges are smooth.

9. Use an island.

Use an island

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Make a good design for your island. It can be good for entertaining guests. You may place a sink, or a cook top to it. This unattached counter will permit access from all sides and will give an added beauty to your kitchen. An island can help in attaining a good layout in your kitchen.

10. Choose calm colours.

Choose calm colours

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If you want a calm ambience for your kitchen, you can use neutral colors. Most kitchens prefer white, cream, or pale grey for their kitchens which is the classic look. But these days, there are colorful kitchens especially with the availability of colorful smart splashbacks. In choosing colors, see to it that you consider your space. Do not use dark colors if your place is small. Use light colors for small spaces. You can opt for darker ones if your kitchen is big yet you have to make use of contrasting colors for some areas, too.

Everyone would want their kitchens to be safe, clean and in order. Design is not the only thing that matters. The safety of the people is the primary concern especially in the kitchen where there is easier access to sharp things, hot stuff and even fire. So, in making your design, consider the safety of everyone, too.