Barn Guest House: Once a Horse Barn, Now a Stunning Modern Home!

Home renovations aren’t new to us. In fact, there are many structures that were transformed into a home in an amazing manner.

There are churches, offices, warehouses and many others that were renovated into homes. Yes, it is indeed possible no matter what is the condition of the structure. However, it is important the foundation and the structural condition is still sound. If not, it needs to be demolished or other steps should be taken as advised by the civil engineer.

Sounds good, right?

With that, old structures are being used in a good way. It is similar to upcycling garbage which turns them into something really useful.

For sure you have seen homes like this but today we are going to show you another one.

What we will feature is a former horse barn which was transformed into a modern guest house. And it has everything one needs from a kitchen to a bedroom!

What we like about it, is its simple modern design and layout. Despite all that simplicity, everything turned out totally great!

Take a look:

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Designer: The Construction Zone

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: This guest house is once a horse barn. It was transformed into a modern space complete with everything a guest will need.

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What was once a horse barn in Phoenix, Arizona was transformed into a modern guest house with plenty of glass. The landscaping added to the home’s appeal too which you can see in this image.

The Construction Zone

A path from the main house leads to the guest house which is located in a silent and private part of the lot. It has an outdoor entertaining area with a bocce court.

Barn House

Different plants and trees can be seen around the guest house. Notice that it has concrete walling that goes through the interior of the home to give it an industrial feel.

Barn House outdoor

There is an outdoor dining space where the guest can relax and enjoy the garden. Beside it is a hot tub which is surrounding by beautiful landscaping.

Barn House desert

Aside from the beautiful interior of the guest house and its modern architecture, it also features a nice outdoor space with desert landscaping. It will surely make guests feel like they are in a new place.

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Barn House roof

The guest house features an overhanging roof with the wood eaves which is used from the exterior through to the interior. The use of wood is a good balance with its concrete and steel features.

Barn House lounge

Next to the kitchen, one can see a lounge area. And as one moves further into the space, a bedroom can be seen. All of the rooms, except the bathroom, have a view of the backyard. The bedroom, which can be seen above, has a simple color palette of grey, red and wood. The concrete wall acts as a headboard.

Barn House bedroom

This is the bedroom of the guest house which can be seen at the other end. For privacy, one can just close the curtains since the area is wrapped with glass. Aside from the bed, it also has a unique lounge chair in red and a small working area. This would indeed be perfect for visitors!

Barn House materials

Industrial touches can be seen in the house just like the concrete walls and flooring. There are also steel frames for the windows and doors which add to that industrial appeal. It looks great especially that printed area rugs were added to define spaces.

Barn House kitchen sink

There is a small kitchen inside the house with the kitchen essentials and a bar table with plenty of seating. It has a nice combination of wood, stainless steel, and white.

Barn House kitchen

The kitchen also features a counter with the wooden table top. Around it is white counter-height chairs which are a good contrast to the black legs of the table. This serves as the dining area of the home.

Barn House bath

The bathroom of this small guest house used simple grey tiles that have been combined with a grey counter and wood to create a contemporary appearance.

Who would think that this is actually a horse barn? For sure you did not expect that too! This is a project from The Construction Zone who made sure that the guest house will serve its purpose- make the guest feel relaxed and welcomed. To be honest, the house can actually pass as a home for a couple because it has every basic thin in it that one needs in a house. Aside from that, the design is really nice. Even the choice of furniture is good too. The outdoor space also looks great as it used a desert-like landscaping around a hot tub. Such a perfect place for one’s guests indeed! Would you love to have a space similar to this near your home?