SB Architects Designs a Foothill Home with Lifestyle Experience

You will fall in love with this stunning modern home nestled in a foothill.

Would you imagine a residential project of not just a house, but a lifestyle home experience nestled in a foothill? A house where heaven meets earth? A house where contemporary architecture blends with nature’s beauty?

Imagine no more! San Francisco-based SB Architects gave realization to your dream home project. As part of the Ascaya Development and together with real estate developer Henry Cheng, the group designed houses architecturally located in the foothills of the McCullough mountain range outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. This house overlooking Las Vegas is one of the six architecturally designed private and resort type custom houses. A residential house with a design that reflects the principles of great architecture in harmony with the terrain of the desert. This project is a lifestyle home encompassing the true beauty of nature, dessert modern design, functionality and with series of indoors and outdoors spaces. Let us tour the house and describe our experience in this astounding Ascaya Residence project overlooking Las Vegas, and be amazed where this dream house would lead us to.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Designer: SB Architects

Style: Modern

Number of level: Two-storey

Unique feature: A private house with a resort design and contemporary desert architecture with massive indoors and outdoors spaces.

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One could get a private resort experience in this home. This modern house design is nestled on a unique triangular lot on a foothill. Off from the street, this residence and a lifestyle house as well are totally private. Its landscape defines true Nevada’s visage, rich, aesthetic, modern and a custom house project. Warm earth tones, white and blue accent, stone, woods, glass and brushed steel and clean, simple and massive horizontal lines are the dominant features of the whole space.

Overlooking house in Las Vegas

Simple yet unique. A simple path leads toward the garage and to the front door of the house. With its unique design, the pathway and the garage are somehow hidden behind the stone wall. The stone wall surrounds the house and provides safety and protection for the whole property. Also, the wall in an accent of white, earth stone and brushed steel set boundaries from the desert terrain, yet, it compliments the whole modern desert design of the house.

Ascaya Residence

Rustic, warm and natural. Onward the front door of the house is a path assembled with an accent of pavers and pebbles. A plant box was added to bring inside the life of the desert nature. Still, the desert hues of earth, black and brown harmonize in this space.

contemporary desert design

One of the strong features of this house is its massive outdoor spaces. Located in the backyard of the property are the pool and a lounging area with a beautiful landscape. The lounging area is attached on a surround fireplace that will surely help temperate the foothill’s damp air. Pebbles and earth stones and brushed steel serve as boundaries of the space. Surely, home owners and guests will enjoy the open desert terrain seen in this space.

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SB modern desert house

Away from the busy and fuzzy living in Las Vegas, this rectangular type swimming pool will be your best solution for lounging. From this view from the outdoor extension of the private living room of the house, simple and clean glass panel covers the indoor space from its outdoor space. From the pool area, the living room, dining and kitchen view is clearly open.

open floor-planned living room

Inside the house, the living room, dining room, and kitchen are collapsed in one space and the view is open to the outside with clear glass panel. The room looks grand and spacious with its high ceiling in wood accent. The couch, tables, chairs and other house accessories in this space compliment the earthy tones of the whole space.

SB second living room

The center piece of the living room is the steel fireplace surround located at one end of the living room. The couch and tables from this end just add sophistication to the living room. One would feel very comfy seating and be spending time in this space, plus the scenic view provided from the outside as the whole space is open up towards its outdoor space. Check how lovely leather furniture looks like in other living room spaces here.

SB modern kitchen design

In the kitchen area, a large island provides a wider and greater counter space good to accommodate six setters. The cabinetry, light details, black steel chairs and the wooden design floor tiles harmonize with the earth tones in this kitchen island. High above the kitchen, the roof architecturally appeared to float above the space which is an effect from the clerestory windows like the ones in this Canadian home. The windows line each side of the main living room all throughout the kitchen.

SB modern dining room

Next to the counter is the modern design dining room. The dark wood dining table and the black and white chairs are in place to provide additional seats. Above it hangs a sculptural pendant light that gives off a higher-end dining experience. Also, the wooden ceiling gives an additional warm and rustic accent to the kitchen place.

SB modern master bedroom

Large glass panels contain the master bedroom of the house. Simple and clean vertical line in dark color supports the glass panels. Bedroom linens, pillows, and other bedroom accessories also blend in with the tones in this space. Above it, wood ceiling provides a grand space. An uninterrupted view of the valley below can also best enjoyed in this room same as the pool side and the lounging area.

SB private living room

An extension of the master bedroom is a private living room, one of the three living rooms that can be found in the house. Similar to the main living rooms, couch, armchairs and center table in light colors were added to the space. In front of the private living room is an outdoor space completely open for viewing the whole desert terrain.

SB modern master bathroom

Next to the master bedroom is a cozy and functional master bathroom. This bathroom is spacious and that is achieved through a parallel design. A large vanity, plenty of storage and cabinetry is placed opposite the walk-in shower with a glass surround. The dual sink and more additional storage and cabinetry are also placed opposite the stand-alone white bathtub. The patterned wall tile accent, the floor tile in earth and white tones, the white colored ceiling, and a simple black lining looks great for the bathroom.

Truly, lots of words can be used to describe your experience once you own this house. In a capsule, a wonderful and complete home and a resort experience will be realized. Thanks to this humble Ascaya Residence through SB Architects. For sure, homeowners will be very much willing to stay and spend regular days, holidays and vacation days, and, would be very much grateful of such resort design residential project of SB Architects, because their dream house was realized. Again, it is not just a house, but, a home and a lifestyle experience nestled in a foothill, overlooking Las Vegas, Nevada.