Tropical Design and Style Set in the Planchonella House in Queensland, Australia

A curvy facade for a home that is elevated from the ground- it looks even more beautiful in the interior!

What are the factors you may consider when choosing the modern house design in your place? Are you considering high technological elements and expensive materials to experience comfort and relaxing stay in your own houses? Today, we will witness how a husband and wife team who are both architect and builder Jesse Bennett and an Interior Designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo have recently completed a home for themselves which is specifically located in Queensland, Australia. What makes this house design unique from the other houses in the area is that the designer utilized the simplistic approach and use of the Lo-Fi Technologies which results in a raw and honest dwelling. The contours of the site ridgeline have formed basis for the playful lines utilized in its concrete profiles. This house is named as the Planchonella House.

Planchonella House is set in a tropical north Queensland where this house successfully embraces the heritage rainforest that is surrounded and utilized with the experimental passive design methods. The beautiful landscape of the exterior is one of the best attraction in the house. The designer, who is also the homeowner can fully take the advantage of the natural surroundings. Simple design as we may consider it is but the designer makes much of the available resources and yet owned the best house design in the place. The visual amenity from surrounding lower areas has been maintained with this design that creates a dominant form on the landscape. Let us explore more of the different amazing areas of the house through the images below:

Location: Queensland, Australia

Designer: Jesse Bennett

Style: Tropical and Modern

Number of Levels: Elevated one-storey

Unique feature: This house project is uniquely designed for their family. The couple who are the designers, too employed the simplistic approach and use of the Lo-Fi Technologies which results in a raw and comfortable living.

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See the remarkable edge and curves highlighted in the house building. Its unique shape may certainly catch the attention of the homeowner’s guests.

Planchonella Exterior 2

The design and concept of the house complements with the natural resources found in the surrounding. The designer and homeowner obviously is a nature lover that is shown in the overall design of the house.

Planchonella Landscape

Gorgeous landscape enhances the mood and design of the house from its interior and exteriors. This also adds comfort and relaxing experience to the homeowner, right?

Planchonella Entrance

The choice of colors, elements and materials utilized here are meticulously selected by the homeowner. Modern design and concept is also employed from its entrance.

Planchonella Interior 1 width=

See the shapes and types of the furniture that perfectly jives with curves and textures of the floors and ceilings here.

Planchonella Living Space

The colour of the pillows in the living space match with the natural wooden colours of the walls and ceilings. The tall trees and plants in the exterior is also accessible from the living space.

Planchonella Dining Space

The luxury and charm is display from the dining and kitchen space here. The chandelier above this round table set as well as the black lamps in the kitchen space is very captivating that adds elegance, too.

Planchonella Kitchen

Tropical experience is always available in the interior of this house. Comfort and great style is a pride of the designers who is at the same time the homeowners, too.

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Planchonella Library

A peaceful and quiet time while unwinding in this corner where books are available that harmonized with the other accessories here.

Planchonella Glass Walls

See the patterns, textures and the sustainable lights that conquer the interiors of this house. Brilliant designers truly deserves the excellent design of their homes.

Planchonella Bedroom

The tropical mood doesn’t end in the exterior of the house nor does the living space, the designer made sure that the walls of this bedroom will also speak of floral and tropical patterns.

Planchonella Bath Tub

White tub and accessories in this spacious bathroom complements with the green scenic view in the exterior. The white colour of this bath tub stands out in the middle of this modern bathroom.

Planchonella Sink

Modern fixtures perfectly match with the wooden and glassed elements utilized in this bathroom. The homeowner may fully enjoy the panoramic views even at the bathroom.

Planchonella Shower Area

Who will not say that comfort and relaxing feeling is not available in the shower space in this bathroom? Glass walls are very effective in maintaining the connections of the interior to the nature.

Planchonella Dressing Room

Modern and great style of the interior also displays the well-arranged and neat dressing room of the homeowner. Mosaic wallpapers enhances the texture of the interiors as a whole.

As we can see the above images, it clearly displays the Jesse Bennett and Interior Designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo’s effort in achieving the best design for their own house. The type of location also matters the most in achieving the best design and concept of the house. The visual amenity from the surrounding lower areas which has been maintained with its design rather than creating a dominant form on the landscape as it also tucks back in at the critical highest most revealing point. I love the design of the wings which created each side of the ridge that floats into the surrounding rainforest and become part of the tree canopy. How about you, what are the best parts of the house catches your attention the most?