Casa Puerto Cayo: A Modern Home by the Sea of Ecuador

A stunning modern beach house that will surely inspire you to have one!

Who doesn’t want to live in a house near the beach? It would be very relaxing to hear the waves while you sleep and it is nice that you can go to the waters whenever you want to without traveling to a far place. It would even be nicer if you have a beautifully designed modern home where you can invite friends and family over. We have featured different beach homes before and today we have another one to add to your list of inspirations. This home has an impressive modern design with a spacious lawn and an upper covered patio. The house is called Casa Puerto Cayo a modern home in Ecuador.

The Casa Puerto Cayo is described as “a house where time runs slow and life is enjoyed to the full. A place that invites us to rediscover our essence and leads us to understand that we are part of a whole, part of nature, part of the universe.”

It sure is a beautiful description of the house and as we look into its design, we end up nodding our heads to the statement of Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos.

The project is an answer to the need of a couple of foreigners who wanted to change their lifestyle as they live on the coasts of Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. The house sits on a 1.250m2 lot and is totally privileged for its location facing the sea. The design of the house responds to the natural geography of the coastal profile, directing its gaze towards the northwest.

It is organized from two main axes wherein one point towards the beach and forms the first volume containing the private spaces and another perpendicular which contains the social areas and that relates directly to the external nature. Let us take a short virtual tour of the house through the images below:

Location: Puerto Cayo | Manabí | Ecuador

Designer: Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos

Style: Modern

Number of Floors: Two

Unique feature: A modern beach house that features wooden brise-soleils covers that slide over glass doors. This protects the home from the sun and gives added security.

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modern home in ecuador

Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos designed this modern home in ecuador which is organized in an L shape, with one side pointing towards the beach, and the other containing the social areas.

Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos

The exterior naturally suits the landscape around it as it used the material palette of white, wood, and stone. At night the house lights up from all angles which create an ethereal effect.


The house features a series of wooden sun-cracks which allow a moving facade. One of its purposes is to protect the inhabitants from the intense equatorial sun and to keep the house closed during the three months of the year when it remains uninhabited.

Casa Puerto Cayo

The wooden elements of the house, along with the white walls, the travertine marble, and the surrounding nature, create the perfect combination to make Casa Cayo a truly inspiring space.

Casa Puerto Cayo covered patio

On the upper floor, there’s a covered patio area which is protected from the sun by a shade sail. The area is simply decorated and is surrounded by plants creating the effect of a railing-less deck.

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Casa Puerto Cayo glass doors

The house features a stone walkway that brings guests to the front of the home where one can enter through the front door or the sliding patio doors. The patio can be enclosed by glass doors but for extra security, wood brise-soleils covers slide over the glass doors.

Casa Puerto Cayo lawn

The location of the house allows it to have a large lawn and direct access to the beach.

Casa Puerto Cayo view modern home in ecuador

Inside this modern home in ecuador, the dining and living room has a breathtaking view of the water. The interior used a combination of white, stone, and wood which are also used on the exterior of the home, thus creating a cohesive design.

Casa Puerto Cayo dining and living area

The dining and living area is located in a space with a large opening that allows the entry of natural light. It also allows the owners to get a good view of the outdoor area.

Casa Puerto Cayo lighting

Simplistic lighting and a corner window keep the bedroom bright and allow for the view of the beach to be the most important element in the room.

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Casa Puerto Cayo deck

From the bedroom, one can get a good view of the beach from this area. This is also a good place to relax and unwind.

Casa Puerto Cayo fence

This image gives us a closer look of the home where we can see a wooden fencing and a balcony with glass railings.

Casa Puerto Cayo street

This is how the house looks like from the street. As you can see, it is really lovely sight near the beach!

It would really be nice to live near the beach like this modern home in ecuador that we just saw. Apart from being near nature, it would be very relaxing and would even feel like it’s a holiday every day. How much more if the house has a beautiful design like this one designed by Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos? You will surely love to go home if you have a house as beautiful as this. Even your friends would love to return to your home! Although we only saw few images of the house, we are given a hint that everything in the interior is indeed stunning!