The Unexpected Features of Interiors in the Honiton Residence in Australia

I wouldn’t deny that I am still dreaming to have a house where I can feel comfortable and at peace. This is a home where I can apply all my favorite interior designs and the most beautiful accessories. And when we say dream house, what are the pictures that comes to our mind? It can be a modern house or a traditional house, right? Well, personally I am looking for a modern home design which is best suited my personality and needs.

Today we will explore a traditional house which can be considered a dream house as well. You may say that it is indeed a traditional house at first glance but as you enter and explore the different areas of this house you would really say that it’s a modern home. This is true because you can see the simplicity of its designs but when you go inside, you will be amazed with its surprising features. Yes this house is named as the Honiton Residence and it is located in Bellevue Hill, an eastern suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Let us explore the different features of this house below.

Honiton Residence See how the triangular terracotta roof made this house looks so traditional!

Unexpected house Features We cannot deny that the effective combination of concrete, bricks and wood are perfectly utilized in the house building, right?

Australia houses Indeed this yellow green furniture really stands out in the patio area.

patio couch design Here is the best spot in the exterior where you can enjoy the fresh air.

stone wall yellow Bricks evidently proves here that it can really provide rough textures on the walls of the building.

outdoor lounge area Green rounded patterns in this bench create a strong relationship with nature.

living area This traditional chandelier adds more elegance to this living area.

living room design The natural sunlight and proper ventilation is always provided in this living area for its huge glassed windows.

fireplace See how the color of the furniture and accessories in the dining and living area match together.

dining area Traditional forms of the furniture and decors are utilized to provide a unique style and personality.

stonewall railings Lines, forms and patterns are well displayed from the wooden and brick walls.

work desk The use of black and white with a touch of pink and red color may surely provide a comfortable space in the interior.

kitchen island Here is a great kitchen that displays harmony from the wooden elements in the furniture and the fixture.

staircase Great style and comfort can be experience as you can see in the different shapes used in the interior.

scale pattern bathroom Modern patterns seen in the ceramic tiles positively match with the clean bath tub in this modern look bathroom.

Honiton Residence Wow! Who will say that you will not enjoy the surprising cool water in the swimming pool area?

Personally, I loved the way how MCK Architecture & Interiors strategically completed the interiors and exteriors of this house. In fact they positively remodeled this residential house into a more modern house. We witnessed how the designers effectively implemented the combination of Middle Eastern Colors and pure white palette in the interiors and exteriors. The said combination magically resulted to a perfectly tranquil and luxurious haven!