Tyrol Hills Renovation-A Modern and Traditional Home in One

A 1980’s home in Tyrol Hills, Minneapolis was brought to life when the Peterssen/Keller Architecture designed the home’s interior. The renovation resulted into a house that combined modern and traditional designs. The architects recognized the potential of the home’s existing architecture and site and were certain that something precious as gold could be created inside it. The interior walls were removed which exposed the tall vaulted spaces hidden within the roof trusses. So, instead of concrete walls, the interior was partitioned using walls of red birch cabinetry. There are also glass transoms and hidden doors to provide acoustic separation.

The house made use of organic materials to bring warmth and depth to it. This includes undulating stone floor and custom mosaic backsplash. A 16-foot folding glass door opens the home to a wooded area outdoors while large windows allow natural light to enter the home. When you get to see the interior of the house, you will feel like you are in a modern cottage for it offers the relaxing ambiance of a traditional home and the comfort of a modern dwelling. Now, take a look at the pictures of the Tyrol Hills Renovation below:

Tyrol Hill

The layout of the interior changed drastically resulting into a lovely home like this. Check out the use of colors and materials in this living room. The blue area rug defines the space of the living area.

Peterssen/Keller Architecture

The living area is no doubt well-designed. The tall ceiling was treated perfectly with glass on the top area which looked perfect with skylight on the roof.


The kitchen has a skylight too. The upper most space on the wall was used to display artistic items.


Wood is used for most area of the interior from the flooring, cabinets and to the ceiling.

Tyrol Hill

Isn’t this kitchen beautiful? The wooden cabinets combined with glass, black countertops and a custom mosaic wall sure added life to it.

kitchen table

A ladder like those from the library was used to allow access towards the topmost display area in the kitchen which is one way to utilize the space created through the vaulted ceiling.

Interior design

A family room with an accent wall made around a modern fireplace. The combination of two different stones for the walls was a creative way to enhance the look of the area. The wall painting is a perfect choice too!

Dining area

Upholstered fabric chairs in shades of green add a subtle burst of color in this dining area. But take a look at the decorations in it. The sunburst wall sculpture, buffet table lamp, silverware decor and ceiling lights worked well together.


This working area will surely encourage the homeowners to work well because of its lovely ambiance. The area rug is also a good addition to the space.


A neat walk in closet right? Things were surely kept well behind these large wardrobes doors.

beautiful room design

The prism wall lights give this foyer a stunning luxurious look with wood around it. You can see that this area have tiles on some part of it while the rest were already in wooden flooring.

Tyrol Hill House

The bathroom’s wall is like a woven organic material! This sure added texture to this bathroom.

You would agree with us that the renovation of the home’s interior was successfully done. The Peterssen/Keller Architecture was able to design a home that combines green architecture and traditional design. It achieved a nearly “net-zero” energy use in the home. No wonder this design received numerous recognitions including the 2013 AIA Minnesota Home of the Month award and a lot more. Can you tell us what were you favorite features of this house?