A Touch of Elegance and Luxury in the Shoshone Residence in Wyoming

We cannot deny that many of us are looking into the beauty and wonders of nature. Our family members believe that the environment plays the important role in achieving the relaxing and comfortable mood in the house. The owners usually put this on the top of their list. Today, we will share to you a house designed in Wyoming. We can see how the designer utilized and maximized the accessibility of the house to the surroundings. This house is named as Shoshone Residence.

Shoshone Residence is a contemporary house, not the usual urban contemporary but a mountain home and also not a log cabin, too. This has a 4,500 square foot residence which is located near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a neighborhood with flat, open, grassy sites with expansive views of Glory Peak and the Teton Mountain Range. The client has a family of four and part time residents from New York and they wanted a contemporary house in a mountain. Scroll down the page and be amazed with the natural wonders existing in the mountain home through the images below.

Shoshone Residence Residents may certainly enjoy the views of the landscape every morning.

Wyoming In the late afternoon, the lights in the interior also show its luxurious and elegant look.

Shoshone Residence Geometric volumes of the house buildings complements with the mountains in the surroundings.

entrance At the entrance, we can see how the rough texture of the wall jives with the smooth texture of the floor.

wooden floor The lines and pattern found in the walls of the building harmonized with the patterns in the wooden floor.

dining set Elegant and modern dining set speaks of elegance in this spacious interior.

elegant Fireplace Fireplace set in the living space may constantly warm the temperature inside the house even in during daytime hours.

glassed walls See these glassed walls that is uniquely designed allowing the interior to access the exterior.

kitchen furniture See how the simple yet charming furniture made these indoor spaces relaxing and stunning.

Orange seats set Orange seats set in the window allow the client to fully enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

terrace A special place in the terrace may also allow the homeowner to take the full advantage of the panoramic views outside.

bathroom Wooden materials are matched perfectly with the glassed materials that may ensure the trendy design here.

patio area A very relaxing place in the exterior is this patio area where the members of the family can gather and enjoy the wonders of the place.

patio fireplace When the sun sets, the fireplace is also set in the patio area so to keep the warm and comfortable feeling here.

wooden patio furnitures Take a look at how the designer set the different style and color of this chairs in the exterior that also enhances the available space.

Shoshone Residence Real elegance and luxury is highlighted in the indoor spaces especially at night.

The beautiful landscape harmonized with the design in the interior. The Carney Logan Burke Architects successfully connects the interior to the exterior of the house. The client’s desire and demand of having generous spaces and maintaining the intimate feeling is achieved. I personally like the simple interior with its refined materials such as the palette and the wood, steel, stone and glass that completed the contemporary home. We hope that you find this house helpful and you may utilize the ideas of this house in your own house in the future.