123DV Cool Blue Villa: Mesmerizing Holiday Home in Spain

A gorgeous modern residence with a transparent above-ground pool.

We have shown you so many beautiful homes with pools, gardens, rooftops and others amazing features. For sure, you already have so many ideas for your future home. But there are still so many home designs that we will feature for you to get more inspiration. Even we can’t get enough of the gorgeous homes that we share to you every day. We can also get countless ideas from the homes which can be a good guide for our dream home. So, today, we have another mesmerizing house that features a pool and has a lovely geometric design that makes it look unique and modern. The pool is one part of the house that most of us wants to have. It also has a huge impact to the look of the outdoor area since it adds a refreshing aura into it.

The home is known as Cool Blue Villa or Casa Marbella because it is located in Marbella, Spain. Said home is designed by Dutch architecture firm 123DV. The owner of the house wants to make their holiday home a forever home in the future. Hence, it is designed in a manner wherein all the functions perfectly fit the needs of the family. The home is located within walking distance of the Mediterranean Sea and it is designed to entertain. It has an expansive outdoor area which includes and infinity/overflow swimming pool that look very inviting! Indoors, it has a home cinema and wine cellar. Aside from that, it also has a roof terrace where the views of the surrounding can be seen. Now join us to a brief tour of the house below.

Location: Marbella, Spain

Designer: 123DV

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-story

Unique feature: A very gorgeous and mesmerizing modern holiday home that has geometric features and a breathtaking transparent infinity swimming pool.

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blue villa house

The first time I saw this image, all I can say is “wow” because its beauty is indeed jaw-dropping. When you look closely, you can observe that aside from the design, what added to the appeal of the area are the lights as well as the pool too. Honestly, I so love the pool very much!


When outside, no one will expect that they will be seeing a very gorgeous home because of the tall fence that surrounds it. The way I see it, the house has a strict security. Hence, everyone inside are ensured of safety.

modern home

You can see here that the house is located beside another home. But that didn’t hinder the designers to create a lovely home. As a matter of fact, it is one factor that is considered for the design of the house to make sure that there is privacy in the house.

Cool Blue Villa

You can see here that the fence of the other house and that of Casa Marbella is just one, only that this house added stones on the wall. Aside from the fence, we can also note the beautiful geometric design of the structure too.

Cool Blue Villa design

I guess you have seen the small gaps in the structure. And these can actually be lighted giving the home a more stunning appeal. It looks really nice, right?

Cool Blue Villa view

Look at this view! I can say that the photographer did an amazing job in taking this photo but the surrounding area is indeed nice. And of course, the design of the house is very gorgeous too especially that we can see here the landscape and the home itself.

Cool Blue Villa dining room

The interior has an open-plan living and dining areas that are separated by an angular white fireplace. This fireplace can be enjoyed by both sides which is a good idea indeed. I also like that large vase here as well as the pendant lights too.

Cool Blue Villa kitchen

Next to the dining room is the kitchen that features a large white monolithic custom-made HI-MACS cooking island. Such an impressive island design, right? You would seldom see a triangular shaped island but this house has in. There are indeed countless unique features that you can see here which makes it more impressive.

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Cool Blue Villa bedroom

When one goes upstairs, the bedrooms will be seen there. In the photo, you can see that the bedroom have been kept minimal. It is also designed to take advantage of the view through a floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to the balcony.

Cool Blue Villa bathroom

The bathroom used dark colors wherein the designers used contrasting white walls and mosaic wall tiles. It also has a dark countertop, bath and tiles. But its dark colors made it look sophisticated and luxurious.

Cool Blue Villa stairs

One feature in the interior that looks very nice is the staircase since it has glass railings and it has a floating design. It is also located below a skylight. Because of that, the area is filled with warm light from the sun whenever you use it.

I know you were already pretty impressed with the image you saw above but you can see more of the house through the video. Now that will make you see the actual home from the exterior, outdoor area and the interior. For sure, you will love the house even more after seeing this video. It is indeed a dream house!

Isn’t this a breathtaking home? With the photos we have seen above, we cannot doubt that it is indeed a gorgeous residence. What I like the most in this dwelling is the outdoor area where there is a swimming pool and a deck where you can see floor level sofas in different colors. But of course, the architecture and the interior of the house is also impressive too. You can clearly see that in the photos above and on the video that goes with it too. While you watch the video, you can see more of the house which will make you fall in love with it. No doubt, 123DV did an amazing job for the design of this holiday home in Spain!