Casa MM: A Modern House with An Inviting Pool in Brazil

A house isn’t a mere structure of concrete or other materials that becomes a home for a family. It isn’t a mere output of brilliant minds but it is a nest where love and care are being grown. Whatever is the look or style of the house, it will still get the same value as other expensive houses because it goes beyond its walls and materials. Yes, a house is one valuable place we all have. But having a beautifully designed house gives triple the joy and comfort to the homeowners. We have featured so many lovely homes but today, we will another one to the list. This is Casa MM in Goiânia, Brazil designed by Dayala+Rafael Arquitetura.

The exterior of the house is white with a modern design and geometric lines. It stands proud and as it embraces a cozy luxurious interior with a modern look too. The house has a pool area that seems to scream fun and relaxation! Once you see the house, you will feel like not just having a home where you can spend with the family but also a perfect place for chilling out. Let us take a look at the house design below:

Goiânia, Brazil

The simple design of the house is beautiful as it used geometric lines and shapes in white.

Dayala+Rafael Arquitetura

One thing that added beauty to the house is its landscaping and its creative usage of trees all around the house even for this area outside the fence.

Casa MM

Notice the drama these trees have given the house especially when outdoor lighting is on!


That facade is totally breathtaking! We love the tall glass walls and that wooden door!


Part of the home’s outdoor beauty is the use of concrete for benches and for this pool decking with combined materials.

 house lighting

The elevated pool seems to emphasize the gorgeous waters that upgrade the appeal of the home exterior.

 Pool Area

In this shot, you can see a concrete trellis that serves as a canopy and is one unique feature of the house.

 exterior design

That blueness! It seems to invite anyone to jump into its cool waters! This pool may be simple but its happy aura extends to anyone seeing it.

Casa MM House

You can see the wooden decking on one part of the pool which sure is a nice place to sun bathe!

granite outdoor flooring

Using tall glass walls will give the interior natural lighting which would bring the outdoor aura inside it.

living room

The living room uses comfy furniture with earth tones and is being defined by this striped area rug.

Casa MM

Crystal chandeliers would match well with the glass that surrounds the living area.

Lovely right? Well, the pictures may not be much but we are certain that the Dayala+Rafael Arquitetura has much to show in every corner of the house just as what the above pictures can tell us. What you have seen is a subtle showcase of luxury and ounces of beauty from the exterior to the interior. The pool area is one good feature of the house as its blueness envelops the entire scene with coolness and heightened enthusiasm!