Elegant Natural Look of the In and Out Living Home in India

There are many houses of today that unveils the most important features like giving it a natural feel from the interior to the exterior. Clients request or a higher opportunity of enjoying nature not just from the outdoor areas of the house but also in its interior. Now, we will look at how the designer creates an easy access to the nature from its indoor and outdoor spaces. This house is named as the In and Out Living.

This is a private residence situated in Ahmedabad which is known to be the largest city of Gujarat state in India. Most of the modern houses nowadays also consider the greater chances of viewing the nature or the surroundings even in the interior spaces. Well this house is actually designed for a family which lives in America but travels to this place during vacations, since this is their birth place. Let us take a closer look at its amazing spaces in the interior and exterior through the images below.

In and Out Living Geometric figures of the house building are highly emphasized from its entrance area.

India Large landscape underscores the modern architecture and eco-friendly concept utilized by the designer here.

exterior design The combination of white and grey palette in the house building complements with the beautiful garden here.

entry pathway Wooden elements used in the entrance area as well as the tiles in the floor consistently prove its classy design.

landscape lawn Incredible shape and forms of the house building speaks of elegance and charm in this area.

living room Exquisite and sophisticated type of furniture matches with the wooden themed living space here.

living room lighting At night the LED lights installed in the living room accentuates the incredible patterns and lines as well.

interior design Here is another space in the house where the client can also access the exterior.

unique kitchen table Tiles in the floor complements with this smooth and neat kitchen table.

minimalist bedroom Light brown color of the bed sheets is also match with the color of the walls in this comfortable bedroom.

bedroom furnitures This blue round carpet set in this modern chair also enhances the look of the bedroom.

creative bedroom Colorful wall paint set in this bedroom blended well with this red chair and yellow round carpet.

bathroom Spacious bathroom is perfect for those clients who is searching for the real comfort and relaxing space in the house.

bathroom sink toilet Wooden and modern fixtures are what this bathroom emphasized the real sense of elegance and charm.

patio area LED lights installed in the sides of this artistically designed wall also add the luxurious features of the house.

In and Out Living At night, the significance of lighting system provides the ideal and inspiring views at the entrance.

As we have seen the images above, we can see the importance of nature in considering the design and style of the house. Nature is really accessible for the clients to enjoy. The different zones in the house are simply connected with nature and you can see that life is nothing without the beauty of nature. I personally like the huge and spacious living areas, the kitchen, the dining and family zones that will be the best spot ideal for the family get together of the client. We hope that you have found these unique ideas of the S A K Designs really helpful in conceptualizing your future house.