Relmar Houses: Unique Modern Complex in Toronto, Canada

A modern geometric complex has a gorgeous interior that showcase extensive use of wood.

You may have seen different apartments or duplex homes but for sure, most of them has the usual design with pitched roof and all. But with modern architecture as a trend, there is a great chance that you can actually get a more beautiful exterior for homes like this. If you want an example, Relmar Houses, which we will feature today, is a perfect inspiration for a modern complex design.

The Relmar Houses located in Toronto’s Forest Hill neighborhood in Canada are listed for sale with Paul Johnston showcasing a geometric and weighty masonry exterior shell that reveals two strikingly bright and modern interiors. Each of the homes is enhanced by its own three-storey atrium. The semi-detached homes are located in a highly-coveted neighborhood wherein most homes still have a traditional design. Hence, a newly-built contemporary residence is a rare offering in the area. The design of the home celebrates modern living, featuring open expanses and long vistas in the public spaces. The private rooms of the homes have modest and comfortable volumes. Aside from that, it is also perfect for lavish entertaining as well as quiet evenings with the family. According to the designer, Relma Houses is a “home that reflects the architect’s vision for distinctive design and a commitment by the builder to meet the very highest achievements in construction.” Let us take a look at the design of the house below.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Designer: Architects Luc Bouliane

Style: Modern Contemporary

Type of Space: Apartment Complex

Unique feature: A modern apartment complex boasts a gorgeous geometric exterior which contains a relaxing and functional interior.

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The exterior of the house has a design that made it look one structure. But you can see in the house numbers that they are actually different dwellings with number 5 and 7 that are etched on beautiful concrete structures that has a modern design. The house is elevated from the natural ground with steps that lead to the entrance of the house. The plants add more appeal to the apartment complex’s curb appeal.

Architects Luc Bouliane

Stones and bricks of two contrasting colors are used for the exterior of the house. Huge large windows with light gray frames allow the entry of natural light into the home. Outdoors, it has beautiful modern landscaping with a mix of bushes, trees and other plants.  A wooden wall surrounds one side of the area which is a good contrast with the stones of the exterior. The lighting of the house is very beautiful as well and is even brought to the garden too.

modern complex

You can see here that the house has three levels from the living room to the uppermost building. From outside, the house is transparent with wooden cabinets and flooring. Even the staircase is wooden too. Pavers are used for the floor outdoors for a neater look.

Relma Houses living

The home has a modest footprint which shows the desire of the designer the quality of living space, rather than the sheer quantity of square footage. The cabinetry in the living area is one fab item that I am digging! Beautiful furniture is utilized in the living area that are adorned with black table lamps and throw pillows.

Relma Houses dining

According to the design, the “efficacy of space is also coupled with a commitment to building green, which is reflected in the home’s triple pane windows, passive cooling through the skylight atrium and planted green roofs on both the main residence and the garage beyond.” Seen in this photo is the dining area as well as a cube made of wood. I wonder what is inside it.

Relma Houses cabinet

A better look of the cabinet system in the living room and the kitchen with a white and wooden finish. The storage system has a mix of open shelves and closed cabinets.

Relma Houses kitchen

The kitchen has white cabinets in it that look beautiful paired with the wooden island and flooring. It used silver hardware and equipment to match. The overall look is very relaxing to the eyes! I’d love to have a kitchen like this one.

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Relma Houses interior.

Wooden staircase is used to access the upper level of the house which we can see has glass railings around it. One thing I also noticed here are the lights on the ceiling. You can see here the extensive use of wood in the interior.

Relma Houses stairs

A closer look at the wooden staircase with skylights above it to bring more natural light to the home. The railings used for the staircase is made of steel. The combination of white and wood is indeed very relaxing.

Relma Houses balcony

On the uppermost level of the house, it has a deck that is made of wood where one can take a look at the beauty around the house. On this level, one can find the private areas of the house.

Relma Houses deck

Although small, this is a nice place to relax in. It would even be comfortable to read books while seated on these chairs. Look at that cute wooden table with a plant too!

Relma Houses bedroom

The bedroom use modern Earth colors with a combination of red, white, wood and beige. I like the prints of the throw pillows as well as the framed black and white photos. Under the bed is an area rug that adds depth and texture in the bedroom. This private space also has an ensuite bathroom.

Relma Houses bathroom

This is the master’s bathroom with a unique freestanding bath tub that sits on wooden floor.

Architects Luc Bouliane did the design of this beautiful modern home with geometric lines in its architecture. In truth, nothing is indeed impossible when it comes to design. As a matter of fact, even traditional plans can get a modern look too. Well, what I love about this design is how it is able to define one home from the other although they appear like they are just one structure. Nice design indeed! In the interior, the use of wood is one thing that appeals to me the most especially the cabinetry from the living room to the kitchen. How about you, what do you like about this house?