A Contemporary House in Scotch Cove Intended for Family Gatherings

The design of the house will depend on the people who will live in it. Designers need to consider what the homeowners do for a living and what certain activities they love to do. This way, the house will be a perfect fit for them.

But that’s not all.

It is also important to consider the number of people who will reside the home as well as their visitors. Yes, visiting family and friends should also be taken into account.

Why is this important?

Picture this. A family of four lives in a small one-storey home with limited outdoor space. But they have so many friends and relatives who come over on a weekly basis to party or just to chitchat. Where will they entertain the guests? If about five or more people will come, imagine how cramp the space will be! Do you think everyone will enjoy their house visit? Apparently, no.

That is why it is important that designers also look into the activities and the visitors that may come to the homeowner’s place. Just like what FBM Architects did to the house that we will feature today.

Although it is designed for an elderly couple, they are constantly visited by their relatives and family. Because of that, they needed some space for them.

In answer to this, FBM Architects arrived at a simple yet practical design of their contemporary home. Check it out below:

Location: Scotch Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Designer: FBM Architects

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: The design of this contemporary home is centered on family events. It is composed of the main house and an outbuilding.

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This new contemporary house sits in a meadow in Scotch Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It is designed for an active couple in their seventies who are always visited by their family. Because of this, the design is centered on family events and the outdoors.

FBM Architects

The project consists of the main house and an outbuilding which contains a dwelling and a workshop. The roof of the home extends at the end of the main house to make a pergola for an outdoor patio.

House in Scotch Cove

This home is located in a meadow at the edge of the ocean.

The location provides spectacular views of Graves Island and the Tancooks which is ideal for the retiring couple and their extended family. Green roofs which are visible from the studio, connect the home to its meadow setting.

House in Scotch Cove exterior

The project is consisting of the main house and a guest studio/garage. One can get glimpses of the dramatic ocean views through the glulam structure that emerges from the interior of the house.

The north elevation has a service core containing closets, pantry and service spaces leaving the south and east elevations free to enjoy the view.

House in Scotch Cove pergola

For those who love to spend time outdoors, there is a pergola with a seating area.

Apart from the lovely views of the ocean, one can also have a great bonding time with the family here even during night time barbecue parties.

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House in Scotch Cove dining

This is the dining area which is located behind the living room. It features floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ocean views. Separate tables have been set up so that one can be used as games tables while the other as a dining table.

There are multiple doors that open up to the outdoor areas.

House in Scotch Cove dining room

The dramatic view unfolds along the south and east elevation from inside the home. The concrete floor in the interior extends out to an extensive patio. There is also a stone element that houses the indoor and outdoor fireplace.

This creates a visual connection between the inside and outside sitting areas.

House in Scotch Cove living room

Inside the main house is a large open room that contains the living room, dining area, and kitchen. A stone fireplace surround, which has built-in firewood storage, adds a natural aura in the room.

Behind it is a small sitting area and the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

House in Scotch Cove kitchen

The kitchen has minimalist white cabinets that are paired with wood counters to create a contemporary appearance. Well, like what we always say, when wood and white are combined together, it will no doubt look awesome!

And you cannot deny that since this kitchen proves the beauty of this combination.

House in Scotch Cove beams

Seen here a photo of the wood posts and beams that are used through the structure of the house.

Although there were only a few photos of the home’s interior, we were surely given a hint of how beautiful the rest of the house looks like. It is apparent that FBM Architects did a great job for the home’s interior and exterior. The overall result is so amazing as they provided a cozy home for the retiring couple and their family.

What made this house even better is that it considered the activities of the owners and their visiting family. You can just imagine the happiness of the grandchildren as they ran around the outdoor area of the house while the adults have a great time indoor or at the pergola.

The location is also a huge plus to the appeal of the home. For sure, you would love to live in a house like this!