Extraordinary Oceanic Views in the Revello Residence in California

We have observed the amazing elements of California coastal areas and its effect to the modern house design that are popularly designed and built by clever designers and architects. These designers brilliantly take the full advantage of the astounding views in the location that definitely attracts the clients. Today we will see how these designers creatively built a private home called Revello Residence.

Despite of the fact that it is located in a huge city, it can still offer a very warm and cultivated living experience for the family. This house is specifically located in Pacific Palisades, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Its approach, orientation and entry sequence are all covered to compound the open and bright experience concluding the incomparable views. Let’s see more of the different areas of the house through the images below.

Revello Residence Oceanic and panoramic views may certainly attract the client that will add comfort and peaceful experience for them.

Extraordinary Oceanic Views Lush green plants in the hillside adds life in the surrounding that makes this area livelier.

California houses See the elements and materials from the furniture and the structure of the house building that shows a very comfortable interior.

living room Graced with highly durable and elegant furniture this living space reveals its charm and sustainability.

kitchen Here is the modern and neat kitchen space in the interior that shows the modern furniture and accessories that underlines the wooden wall and cabinets here.

bedroom From this floor-to-ceiling sliding glassed door in the bedroom, the client can fully take the advantage of the oceanic views.

bathroom See how this wooden material in the powder area match with the glassed and concrete floor in the bathroom that ensures comfort.

bathroom sink You may notice how the designer secured the trendy fixtures and stylish lights that emphasized the modern concept of this bathroom.

bathroom sink Here is another space in the bathroom that shows contemporary fixtures and design.

sliding wall From the interior, the floor-to-ceiling walls provide an open layout that allows the client to see the outdoor areas.

patio area lawn In the morning, the patio area is also a comfortable space where the client’s guest can enjoy the classy furniture set here.

patio furniture set See how incredibly arranged the accessories in this fashionable sofa that made this attractive, too.

trellis Incredible volumes and texture are seen in the exterior from the garage and entrance area of the house.

outdoor lighting fireplace The candle lights and the fireplace set in the patio area may certainly captivate the guests of the client.

Revello Residence Extraordinary views from the ocean perfectly blend with the artistic ideas of the designer in the patio area.

As I see the different areas are well presented above and I would say that the three level hillside location of the house provide very creative and artistic views to the client. These effectively illustrate the different levels of the house. The Shubin + Donaldson Architects also provides the clients the greater opportunity to enjoy the oceanic and panoramic views in the surroundings. We hope that you find new ideas and inspiration in this house design today that you may be used in your ideal house in the future that will perfectly match your chosen location.