Generous Balance of Privacy and Views in the Middle Harbour House in Sydney

We always look for a substantial house that possess balance of privacy and outlook, light and shelter, and sense of texture and warm. We are searching for those characters and elements where we believe are great source of comfort and contentment. We commonly long for a place where we can call home. They say home is where your heart is, that is why all our desires and passions are usually found in our house.

Today, we will be sharing to you a house that mirrors the desires of the client. This is a private residence situated Sydney, Australia. This is called as the Middle Harbour House. The location of this house is exposed to two road frontages and slopes substantially to the east. You will see how the designer responded respectively to the client’s demands and requests. Take a look at the images below to see the different areas of the house.

Middle Harbour House See the astounding combination of bricks, wood, and concrete that obviously makes this house stand out among the other houses on its location.

Sydney house Different lines and textures are highlighted in the house building and its incredible landscape in the garden in the night.

Generous Balance Great shapes and geometrical forms in the house building underline the different designated spaces in the interior.

Privacy and Views Here’s the soft beige color of the sofa that perfectly blends with the palette used in the walls and wood floor.

living room The openness concept of the house makes it spacious and what is obviously revealed here is the strong connection from the interior to its exterior.

kitchen island Here’s the trendy fixture and the warm colors of black, white and beige that make this house looks so modern.

kitchen area Stainless table and sink creates a strong and cool smooth texture seen in the kitchen.

hanging lamp See how this unique lamp hanged in the dining set that creates the warm and comfortable mood in the dining area.

staircase Exceptional and elegant chandelier in the interior emphasizes the extraordinary design of the house.

railings The LED lights installed in every corner of the house underline comfort and charm.

bathroom Smooth texture revealed from the bath tub, sink and cabinets in this bathroom are effective to allow the client to experience a relaxing feeling.

bathtub Limited space in this bathroom is resolved for its white walls and modern fixtures that make this look so spacious.

beautiful hanging lamp The natural light can access the interior through the glass materials used in the second level of the house.

swimming pool From the interior, the client can undeniably enjoy the sight of the fresh-looking swimming pool.

Middle Harbour House The designer maximized the advantage of the spacious area in the swimming pool by putting some furniture.

As you can see, Richard Cole Architecture, carefully responded to the demands of the client as its house design is perfectly harmonized with the location. The warm, substantial character of the residence is completed by means of the clarity of its details. The natural palette of the natural materials and careful manipulation of light is very effective to achieve the homeowners wish and requests. We hope that you have learned new ideas and inspirations from this house design today.