Marvelous Design and Style of The Etesian House in Australia

I am truly captivated with this house design the first time I saw this in the internet. I imagined of the most comfortable and relaxing times that I could spend here with my family. Every detail of the house underline the most amazing and fascinating character and style one can see in a house. This home is actually for sale and I am pretty sure that many people will love its indoor and outdoor designs. It is named The Etesian.

Spotted in Iluka, Australia is a private home that uncovers the marvelous interior that exhibits the different types of high-quality and costly furniture and accessories. You may definitely love the experience not just the elegance but the luxury when you buy this house. In fact, this has four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Since this house costs is $682,000, let us scroll down the page and see its worth from the images below.

The Etesian House Here is the front area of the house where you may surely be delighted of the luxurious and eye-catching interior.

Marvelous House Design And when you step in the aisle of the interior, the LED lights installed in the corners and ceiling may certainly let you feel the inviting environment to know more of the surprises it will offer.

Australia house The superb texture of the furniture perfectly blended with the carpet and the wooden floor in this entertainment area.

living area design Here’s the living area that offers not just the great comfort but the stylish carpet, sofa and natural ventilation for its floor-to-ceiling sliding glassed door.

interior design Here is another living space where you may see how the designer mix and match the different types of furniture and accessories to achieve a fascinating look.

dining area Trendy wooden dining set thoroughly arranged in this area may surely let the homeowner enjoy the ambiance in the garden.

kitchen design You may exactly feel the flawless texture of the kitchen table with these three island bench that complements with the appliances in the kitchen.

guest desk Small but comfortable office room is provided in the house where the client may have an opportunity to work on his unfinished task in the office while enjoying the sight of the garden.

bedroom The two lamp set in the corner of this bed explains why the homeowner can truly feel the comfort and peace in here.

bedroom lighting Here is another spacious bedroom with the huge dressing room that may assure the client to have not just a charming but also a functional bedroom.

bathroom lights At first glance you may say that you are looking at a luxurious bathroom in a deluxe hotel room, right?

bathroom Take a glance at the white concept used in this bathroom that made this a comfortable area in the house with the wooden floor.

mosaic tiles bathroom Mosaic tiles applied in this shower area presented contemporary and stylish bathroom.

patio lawn design Certainly this area may offer the most comfortable zones in the house where you can take the full advantage of the fresh air and great ambiance in the garden.

lawn area Well-trimmed grasses in this clean landscape highlighted the importance of this two modern half-moon designed chairs in the garden.

The Etesian House When the darkness comes, the tranquility and serenity in the pool area may be observed.

Indeed the charming and remarkable design and style from the interior to the exterior really deserves its cost. Living in this kind of house will really cost you a lot. But if can afford to buy it, we may guarantee the contentment and great satisfaction on its astonishing features. The Webb & Brown-Neaves successfully designed this private house. We may recommend the design of the interior and exterior if you are longing to experience the most relaxing and surprising place to live in.