Exceptional Ocean and Mountain Views in the Casa Inlet Retreat in Washington, USA

It isn't just the views that are stunning, but even the house!

We may undeniably claim that tall trees help us in having a house designed close to nature. Tall trees uncover the beauty of the forest and provide natural air and comfort to the homeowner. Today, we will explore how the designer made use of these tall trees to let its design stand out. This house is actually situated in a forested slope along the eastern edge of the Case Inlet and this small retreat opens to a western view of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound. This is called as the Case Inlet Retreat.

Case Inlet Retreat is intended for a family in Washington State. According to the architect, this house has a lot of 20 acres on the Key Peninsula overlooking the Case Inlet and the Olympic mountains beyond. The owners in fact had been coming to this site for several years, visiting in summers to camp in the sunny meadow along the ridge and paddle the sound from the end of winding path below. Let us see how the designer maximize the beauty of the nature that will match the design of the house through the images below.

Casa Inlet Retreat See how the glass materials allow the sustainable light to enter the interiors of the house.

MW works Look at the textures and lines reveal in the house building that harmonized with the tall trees here.

Washington, USA In the interior, you may see how the designer utilizes the warm and natural colors that will complement with the views outside.

Holiday House In the interior, you may see how the designer utilizes the warm and natural colors that will complement with the views outside.

Casa Inlet Retreat Glass materials used as walls in the house allows the client to take the full advantage of nature.

MW works Classy furniture enhances the look of the interior for its soft and comfortable texture.

mountain view The shape of the sofa also harmonized with the round lamps in the living space that may certainly offer the most relaxing views even in the morning.

ocean view Here’s the wooden kitchen that shows its neatness and sophistication.

MW works See how this space simply offers the relaxing zone in the house where the client can sit down and enjoy the beauty of the tall trees.

bedroom Simple colors of white and grey may provide a very warm and comforting effect to the homeowner.

retreat house A terrace is also designed in the bedroom where the client can also unwind and enjoy the stunning bodies of the water with the beautiful landscape.

MW works See the patterns of the wooden floors and the stainless steel frame in the terrace underlines it sustainable features.

bathroom Skylight is also provided in the bathroom where the client can experience the warmth of the sun.

Holiday House Open layout in the patio area is one of the best places in the house where the client can feel the freedom of enjoying the coolness of the air.

MW works Even at night the remarkable lights in the interior may still explains the exceptional design and shape of the house.

As we have seen the different sections of the house in the interiors and exteriors, we can say that the MW Works efficiently employ the importance of tall trees in the surroundings in making this house more comfortable and charming. The designer indeed ensures the design that will be more accessible to the exteriors. The client may view the panoramic scenes outside even at night. I personally like the balance of simple clean lines and rugged low maintenance materials. We are sure that you find new interesting ideas that may inspire you to use in your own house in the future.