Simple Elegance: The Agua House in Buenos Aires, Argentina

While most house designs these days get a sophisticated look, there are still some that remain simple. It is said that simplicity is beauty. Yes, it is indeed true. As a matter of fact, simplicity is also elegance! You would agree with us if you will see our featured house for the day called the Agua House in Buenos Aires, Argetina.

Wonder why it is called Agua House? Agua means water. This house is surrounded by water. There is a large swimming pool that crosses the site. There are also linear ponds of water all around the house which you will clearly see in its floor plan. The site of this house has 2,000 sq. meters (21,530 sq. ft.) area while the floor area is at 450 sq. m (4,840 ft.) which shows that there is a large outdoor space that surrounds this house. All the greens that you can see are part of its simple landscape. This house is designed for a couple without kids. The ground floor is intended for large gatherings. You could see that the ground floor is open but it can actually be closed through large wooden sliding doors that are hidden in the walls.

Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas, the designer of the house said that it is “designed based on two stone walls (made of Laja Neuquen) that interact all over the house. The color of the stone is the origin of all the color pallet of the house.” That is why, you will be able to see stones in the interior and also in the outdoor area. The color of this house is light and calming which makes it look simple but the design of the structure is actually very clever and impressive! Now, take a look at the simple elegance of the Agua House:

Agua House

With this kind of exterior, anyone would stand in awe. Its sleek lines and white color make it appear like a lovely goddess in the middle of trees and bushes around it.

house Lights

The facade of this home is comprised of straight lines but instead of appearing strong, it looked softer because of its color and due to the pool on the front.

Living area

The lighting of this house is well done which is seen in this picture. You can notice several pin lights on the ceiling as well some lamps.

Living Room

Stones were used in the interior like in this living room. It has a combination of antique and modern interior design.

Home Office Graham Hill

Simple furniture was used in this house like how minimalistic the house design this.

Patio area

The water in this house seemingly unites it with nature. Aside from the pool, the green grass and the simple landscape adds to its outdoor beauty.

Outdoor View

In this view, you will be able to get a closer look of the seating area outside that made use of wooden materials. Take a look at the small center table- isn’t it simple yet lovely?


More stones in the interior! The stairs was made with wood that looked good with the stones and the light colors of this area.


This could be the lavatory of the bathroom which also adapted the use of stones. The countertop used marble to match those stones.


Even the landscaping and outdoor decor is minimal like how the two big pots of flowers sit in full humility on one corner.


This is the pathway made of concrete that leads to the house. The fence is also made from stones.


Let us give this house a one last glance. Devour its calmness and be inspired of how simplicity can actually look divine at the same time!


You could see in this floor plan the good distribution of spaces in the house. The blue part indicates the existence of water in various areas of the house.

Agua House

The second floor of the house has the master’s bedroom, another bedroom, a bathroom with terrace, a water mirror and a large terrace in the front area.

The simplicity of this house actually gives it a more beautiful appeal. You can notice how serene the indoor and outdoor aura is making it a home that anyone would love since it can give the type of comfort that any homeowner would long for. This house shows us that you don’t really need to pour in every single lovely thing you can think of into a home. What is important is to make it functional and comfortable for living. Despite its simplicity, the Agua House designed by Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas, is overflowing with sophistication and glamour! Come back for more house design inspiration for we will give you daily doses of architectural residential designs.