Magnificent Forestation and Distinctive Design of the Torcuato House in Buenos Aires

  • Nov 07, 2014
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A residential house project built in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina is our featured house for today. For we all know that Buenos Aires, Argentina is best known for its exceptional house designs and landscape. This house is known as Torcuato… Read more

L250: Simple Yet Extraordinary Private House With Office

  • Jul 04, 2014
Having a house and an office at the same building? I know it sounds atypical but somehow a very unique… Read more

Simple Elegance: The Agua House in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Jun 26, 2013
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While most house designs these days get a sophisticated look, there are still some that remain simple. It is said… Read more

The Modern Design of A House in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • May 17, 2013
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Here’s a modern residence designed for a couple situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This has an area of 490.0 square… Read more