20 DIY Video Tutorials for Your Halloween Outdoor Decors

Aside from decorating inside your home, you would also start decorating outdoors too.

This will totally give your home the spooky yet fun Halloween feel that you always wanted to achieve. With this, you will ready for parties and other fun activities related to the occasion.

But are you still currently on the lookout for ways on how to decorate your outdoor space this Halloween?

Worry not! You are on the right page!

Today, we will give you 20 awesome videos that will teach us different ways to make outdoor decorations from giant spiders to glowing ghosts!

Do you know what the good news is?

All of them are easy to make using inexpensive materials and they all look really great!

Want to know what I mean?


1. Turn Your Front Yard into a Graveyard

If it is your goal to turn your yard into a graveyard, then this is the right video tutorial for you. It would be so exciting to do it!

2. DIY Pumpkin Fence Pillars

DIY Expert Paige Hemmis shows us how to make terrifying Pumpkin Fence Pillars. You will simply use polystyrene insulation then top it with a carved pumpkin.

3. DIY Halloween: Zombie Pit

This one looks like something straight from “The Walking Dead”! It does look really creepy especially if you walk by the area during the night.

4. DIY Halloween Tombstone Yard Decorations

Since you already know how to make pillars with pumpkins, you will now learn how to make Halloween tombstones. For sure, your outdoor decors will now be complete.

5. How to Make Spooky Glowing Ghost Decorations

Paige Hemmis is once again here who will give you step by step instructions on how to make a glowing ghost decoration for your yard by cutting out your ghost and adding an eerie glow.

6. Creepy Halloween Ghost Seance

Do you want to learn how to make creepy ghosts that are having a seance in your yard? Check out this video.

7. Halloween Skull DIY

These skull head decors are super cheap and very easy to do. You can add this anywhere, even inside the house!

8. Make A Pneumatic Thrasher Hangman & Gallows Prop

This one looks really creepy because it appears like a real person hanging! Your friends will surely wet their pants once they this!

9. Giant Halloween Spider

By using PVC pipes and house insulation foam, you can create a creepy looking giant spider that looks so real!

10. DIY Zero Dog Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Prop

This video will give you a step by step tutorial on how to make an inexpensive Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

11. DIY: Halloween Porch Decor

This out turned out really nice. Check out how they decorated their porch which features a tomb, skulls, pumpkin, spiders and many more. According to the designer, she worked on the decors for over a week.

12. How to make a Life Size Scary Shakesperean Witch for Halloween

Do you want to make a scary witch outdoor decor? Here is a video with complete step by step instruction on how to make it.

13. DIY Halloween Decorations

Merylend will teach you how to make ghosts that light up and how to decorate with creepy eyeballs.

14. DIY Outdoor Halloween Zombie Decoration

If you are also doing a Zombie themed decor for Halloween, then you can watch how to do that using this tutorial.

15. DIY Halloween Decor | Zombie Hands

Speaking of Zombies, you can add this to the decor that you will make for your Zombie-themed outdoor decor. The hands look very real!

16. How to Create a Halloween Front Yard

If you want to make your yard scary but not too scary for the younger kids, DadLabs will teach you how to do that.

17. Giant Spooky Halloween Tree DIY

This one looks very fun to make! And it turned it really nice too which would be nice for the children.

18. How to Make a Spooky Crypt Walk Through for the Lawn

You can make this huge craft with extra lightweight materials that will look very realistic! This would be an exciting addition to your yard.

19. How to Make a Frankenstein Door

What if you update the look of your door this time? Turn your front door into Frankenstein’s door by following the steps in this tutorial. The result is very nice!

20. How To – Ken Wingard’s DIY Graveyard Tombstones

This video tutorial will give you a guide on how to make creepy yet whimsical tombstones for your yard. You can even do this with the kids.

Now I am sure that you will be totally ready to decorate your yard for this holiday. It would be so much fun making all those decors especially if you work on it as a family. Be creative in choosing your own styles and even in picking out some materials. It would be best if you use recycled materials for your home’s outdoor Halloween decors. You can always do it your way! Whatever you do, it will turn out really nice as long as you give your best to it!