20 Landscaping Ideas Using Grass Plants

Since we haven’t created a list about landscaping for some time, I have decided to give you a roundup of some homes that used grass for their landscaping.

What I found were stunning! I actually didn’t expect it. I thought that my search will end up boring and dull. But I was wrong.

Landscaping with grass is totally gorgeous when done right! And you have to have knowledge about what particular grass would suit your area.

Come take a look at them yourself and find some ideas on how you may update your landscape project.

1. Coan Waterfront Landscape

grass landscape ideas

Lankford Associates

A garden that has become a neighborhood landmark with its grass landscaping and lovely purple and white flowers.

2. Mid-century Modern Now

Mexican feather grass

Robert Leeper Landscapes

Several grasses are used in this landscape mostly Big Muhly and Mexican feather grass.

3. Japanese Cottage

concrete stones

Jeffrey Smith

Poured concrete stones and grass look nice together especially with the small fire feature.

4. Portfolio

Concrete planters Isn’t this lovely? Concrete planters combined with grass look really gorgeous!

5. Gravel Courtyard

plants and grasses landscape

Huettl Landscape Architecture

Aside from the lovely design of the fence, the landscaping added more beauty in it with a mix of different plants and grasses.

6. Sunol Landscape

modern landscape

Huettl Landscape Architecture

A modern home has a modern landscape with various grasses including Calamagrostis, Festuca maireii, and Mexican Feather Grass.

7. Casa Esan

stone walls

Vega Vega Arquitectos

Beautiful Galarza stone walls in the exterior of the house but I am sure you can notice how the grass added more drama to it.

8. House 6 – Menlo Park

landscaping with grass

Cheng Design

This unique contemporary house is also gifted with a beautiful landscaping with grass, stone walkway and more.

9. Austin Landscape

airy grass plant Anyone would like the puffs of airy grass plant that softens the landscape.

10. Saratoga Creek House

privacy screen

WA design

These grasses are pretty but they wouldn’t be a nice choice as a privacy screen because they are cut all the way during fall.

11. M-Central

grass landscape ideas

Dale Jones-Evans Pty Ltd Architecture

Wow. Just wow. Isn’t this a stunning path to walk on? The grass plus the wooden walkway plus that curvy fence and all the dramatic lighting!

12. Fenske Pool

Feather reed grass

Huettl Landscape Architecture

Feather reed grass is used for this pool area which is an effective choice for the pathways.

13. Sunset Residence

hillside landscape

GEL: Griffin Enright Landscape

Grass steps are the central element in this layered hillside landscape.

14. Debora Carl Landscape Design

Festuca glauca The small grasses called Festuca glauca give more highlight to the plants which it surrounds.

15. Danville

terraced garden

Envision Landscape Studio

A terraced garden with different themes per level gives it a more interesting design.

16. Pool & Pool House

ornamental grasses

Wagner Hodgson

Rows of ornamental grasses provide architectural delineation of this outdoor space.

17. Portfolio Austin

deep pink hue

D-crain Design and Construction

That grass with a feathery, deep pink hue is a ‘Muhlenbergia capillaris’ which is commonly known as Gulf Muhly.

18. San Diego

Miscanthus grass

Debora Carl Landscape Design

The taller grasses in the background is called Miscanthus while in the foreground is the Mexican Feather Grasses. Isn’t it a nice combination?

19. Contemporary Landscape San Francisco

water feature

Huettl Landscape Architecture

Isn’t this stunning? Concrete stepping pads, Ipe’ deck, water feature, and grasses put together creates a breathtaking landscape.

20. Saratoga Estate

grass landscape ideas

Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

Look! A giant urn lies on long lush grasses that looks like long shaggy carpet! This is such a stunning landscape!

I believe you have changed your mind about grasses after seeing this list we have created for you. I actually feel the same way too. I used to think that grasses are mere distractions to the garden. But after I saw this list, I realized that grasses can be stunning additions to the landscape. I especially love the last one with a giant urn! How about you, what is your favorite in this list?