20 Lovely Ideas for Landscaping with Pavers

I’m pretty sure that all of us have seen pavers because they are anywhere. If you live in a place with a huge park, there could be pavers there in beautiful patterns. I could recall that we have one park here in our place with some stone pavers in irregular shapes which added to its appeal. Only that some of it went wobbly and were taken off. I guess it depends on how well they did the paving work too.

But we don’t just see pavers in parks or in huge cities. We can also use it in our very own yards. It can be perfect for the driveway, patio, courtyard and other outdoor spaces.

Pavers come in different materials and shapes. Some are really creative that they arrive to a perfectly stunning outdoor space.

I have collated some home landscapes that used pavers in landscaping. Let us take a look at them.

1. Exteriorscapes

landscape pavers

Exteriorscapes LLC

This beautiful courtyard used bluestone in blue/greyish color. I love how the shapes went together like puzzle pieces!

2. Eichler

large pavers

Martin King Photography

This one used larger pavers. I’m not sure what kind of materials it used but it looked like poured concrete pavers.

3. Carson Poetzl, Inc.

synthetic grass

Carson Poetzl, Inc.

Doing it this way will surely give your home that “park” feel! But the ground cover here needs mowing and maintenance. You can opt to use synthetic grass if you want less maintenance.

4. Palm Beach Estate


Blakely and Associates

Cobblestones are used on part of this driveway with grass ground cover in between while the part where the car goes to used cast stone.

5. Wright Residence

grass pavements

Platinum Landscape llc

Another idea wherein the pavers are surrounded with grass.

6. On Show

stepping pavements

Dean Herald

Beautiful outdoor space, right? Yes, I know you love the car. I do too but take a look at how the grass was done around the pavers.

7. Portfolio of Work

irregular shaped stones

Viscusi Elson Interior Design

A charming patio with outdoor furniture for dining and relaxing that rests on irregular shaped stones used as pavers.

8. Backyard Zen

circle pattern

Avalon Northwest Landscape, LLC

Pavers seen here are from Mutual Materials while the ones in the circle pattern is called Old Dominion and the path is Roman Dominion.

9. Curb Appeal

wooden fencing

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

These are poured in place concrete pavers that matched well with the wooden fencing.

10. Residential Landscaping


Botanica Atlanta

The diamonds in this outdoor space looked really nice with the grass growing in between them giving it depth and texture.

11. Formal Residential Estate & Garden

landscape pavers

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

A formal inner courtyard covered with gray pavers in lovely patterns.

12. Courtyard Hacienda

garden pavements

Chas Architects

The pavers are perfect to create a raised area in the garden. Pretty space indeed!

13. Beverly Hills Residence

Rectangular pool pavers

Aly Daly Design

Rectangular pavers are used for this pool area. Like the other pavers, this one has grass around it too.

14. Roscoe Village Retreat

contemporary outdoor area

Prassas Landscape Studio LLC

A contemporary outdoor area with an Asian touch. The color of the pavers with black stones are just right for the theme of the area.

15. Glasgow Street, Kitchener

pavers pattern

Gus Ricci Architect

Nice patterns right? The use of pavers to create this pattern is really creative. It reminds me of Tetris!

16. Private Residence 2

round central fountain

Britton & Associates

Pretty combinations in the driveway and the round central fountain. Who says you can’t mix paver designs?+

17. Paver Courtyard

arranged paver

Paradise Restored Landscaping

A courtyard with a beautifully arranged paver that added more drama to this area meant for family gatherings.

18. Canterbury, Michigan

squares pavement

DesRosiers Architects

You can also go simple merely by laying down squares beside each other.

19. Rancho Santa Fe Remodel


David Brandsen Construction Inc.

For the area outside the pergola, it was covered with diamond pavers lined with moss.

20. Longmire Photo

landscape pavers

Longmire Photography

You don’t have to stick with straight edged pavers. Irregular shaped ones look pretty too!

Which one is your favorite? I love most the ones with grass and moss in between the pavers. Also, I like the neat geometric pavers used in modern homes. It looks just simple, clean yet very gorgeous. I guess it really depends on the design of the landscape because pavers could look great once you have a beautiful layout just like the ones we have above. Planning to use landscape pavers? I’m sure you’ll be able to get ideas from the images above. more private time to read.