15 Stimulating Modern Contemporary Hardscapes with Wood

A home’s landscape can be equated as an escape from the busy world. Many homeowners discern the value of adding nature’s touch into their own home through landscaping. No matter how small an area is, a good landscape could be integrated into it.

Part of a landscape is the hard areas called hardscapes. Hardscapes include patios, walkways and others parts of the outdoors that make use of hard materials. We have shown you a list of modern hardscapes using concrete and we are certain you were taken aback with the outdoor beauty you have seen.

Now, we will give you another list of hardscapes but this time, it made use of wood.

Wood can certainly add beauty to a space whether it’s inside or outside the house. Its natural touch creates a stimulating and relaxing aura at the same time. It seemingly urges the homeowners to take a break and to get the most from natural’s beauty around them.

We have collected some images of outdoor spaces showcasing lovely hardscapes. Take a look at what we have collated for you:


modern contemporary hardscapes

Stones on this outdoor fireplace complemented with the wooden flooring. This area balances the look with cool water around and a warm fireplace near it.

Laurel Road

wooden flooring

Evergreen Consulting

Looking neat and lovely, this outdoor space is just a small parcel of beauty. The wooden flooring and wooden fence just looked good together especially with dried leaves on the ground.

Urban Courtyards

concrete, stones and wood

Cultivart Landscape Design

A combination of concrete, stones and wood were used for this patio with a totally Earthy feel.

Outdoor Bathroom Dural

outdoor bathroom

Would you like to have an outdoor bathroom like this one? Well, some homeowners do! This one has touches of contemporary and Zen designs.

Courtyard Garden: Woollahra

play area

Secret Gardens

This is an outdoor space intended as play area for the kids. The wooden elements in it sure are beautiful.

Spa Oasis

pool area

Shades Of Green Landscape

One would certainly feel relaxed in a pool area like this one complete with lounge chairs and a dining set. The use of wood on this site adds a softer look to this outdoors space.

Montectio Eco-Luxury

fire pit

Maienza-Wilson Interior Design

We are certain that this space is so cozy especially during the night with the fire pit on one side. Wood and concrete were combined successfully for this design.

Gallery Loft

modern contemporary hardscapes


Talk about modern outdoor design! Concrete planters and wooden flooring completed the look. Even the furniture in it is lovely.

Estate Residence

contemporary patio

Karen Garlanger Designs, LLC

A contemporary patio that made use of modern materials. This look so neat and very inviting.

Venice Canals

outdoor furnitures

Digs By Katie

A spa is seated in this outdoor area complete with outdoor furniture. The bamboo on the side adds an Asian touch to it.

Outdoor Living Modern

elevated lounge area

Dumican Mosey Architects

We really love this outdoor area! The distribution of space is stunning to accommodate a pool and an elevated lounge area.

San Francisco Dining Terrace

landscape design


From a bird’s eye view, this yard is a beauty. Division of areas with wood, concrete and grass is shown here.

Melbourne International Flower and Garden

creative landscaping

Rolling Stone Landscapes

This garden is artistically and creatively designed! Just look at every element that is in here.

A la Mode Cronulla

wooden low stairs

Impressions Landscape

Concrete is all around but the addition of this wooden low stairs made it appear even lovelier.

Busch House – Patio

modern contemporary hardscapes

Vega Architecture

Another patio of wooden touches but you can notice that the other side is made of concrete.

After seeing the above showcase, you would develop more love and fondness for wood. It can certainly not just beautify the interior but it can also do wonders for the outdoor space. If you plan to design your landscape, do not forget to include hardscapes for it adds not just appeal to your garden but function as well.