Summer Fun! 21 Relaxing Colorful Outdoor Spaces

When we think of outdoor spaces, what immediately comes to our mind is nature. Yes, aside from the natural scenario, we get to see some structures as well as furniture in the garden. Instead of using natural tones, why don’t you make your outdoor space fun and relaxing and bright? You can do that by adding colors.

If you have an outdoor living room, a patio, or a sitting area in the garden, give it some makeover by adding colorful throws and decors. You can also add flowers with beautiful colors too.

For sure, with a colorful space, you will feel even happier and you would love to spend time with the family there. Here are some outdoor spaces we have collected that used different colors.

outdoor colorful

1. Decorate

colorful outdoor spaces

Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick

This outdoor space looks lovely with the fabric cover as well as the layered area rug.

2. Nina van de Goor’s Home – Roof Terrace

printed fabric


Add some buntings and a printed fabric for your patio and your all good!

3. Waikuku Woodland Garden

Landscape design

Earthwork Landscape Architects

Landscape design is all about creating beautiful spaces which set the scene for people to live in and enjoy being in.

4. Colorful Outdoor Furniture

outdoor chairs

California Home + Design

I so love this one! The stripes in different colors are just stunning and so modern!

5. Walnut Travertine Pavers

comfy chair furnitures

Travertine Mart

You can also limit yourself with two colors if you want to.

6. Glynallyn Terrace

colorful outdoor area rug

Susan Cohan, APLD

Colors are everywhere in this space! From the tables to the floor!

7. Outdoor Oasis in NW Washington

outdoor dining area

Anthony Wilder

A romantic date with husband would be awesome in this outdoor dining area.

8. McDonald Residence in Magnolia Seattle

lanterns and signs

Cassie Daughtrey Realogics

Boost your ambience with lanterns and signs! This one is so lovely, dramatic and romantic!

9. Dock Landing Porch Patio

green and blue

Shannon Ggem ASID

Use greens and blues together for the outdoor space. They’ll match well with the surrounding.

10. Garden Ornament

Purple and pink

Barnes Walker Ltd

That outdoor fireplace is so gorgeous! Purple and pink throws with printed ones look lovely here.

11. Montagu Square

colorful outdoor spaces

Interior Desires UK

Orange and pink looks so sweet just like what you see in this courtyard.

12. Roof Terrace Central London

gradient colors

Town and Country Gardens

An outdoor sectional with gradient colors of blue and gray.

13. Eco Artist’s House

vintage design

Sarah Natsumi Moore

A bit vintage-y but this one looks totally beautiful and perfect for an outdoor picnic.

14. That Pink Outdoor Kitchen

pink outdoor kitchen

Sandy Koepke

What about having a pink outdoor kitchen? The add some retro colors too!

15. Ruppert Backyard

green drapes

Brunelleschi Construction

Orange chairs, green drapes and that fire pit! Oh, it would be so exciting to be here!

16. Chapel Hill

wood color combination

Bill Cederberg

Yellow, purple, red and orange-all these colors look pretty with wood.

17. Greenwich Village Townhouse

Red and orange furniture

Axis Mundi

Red and orange furniture are perfect for this outdoor space with plants of different species. A perfect landscape of shurbs and other plants combination will have a big impact.

18. Outdoor Living

arc-shaped bench

Harold Leidner

A concrete arc-shaped bench would be lovely. Add a cushion and colorful throws to complete the look.

19. Howe Street Remodel

umbrella design

Johnston Architects

For this one, it is the flowers that brought color to the space as well as that umbrella.

20. Cococozy Hollywood Hills

patterns and colors


How about if you play with patterns and colors and various types of plants?

21. Casa Real

colorful outdoor spaces

Finch Photo

Just a simple seating area but the Japanese lanterns did the entire job to make this look gorgeous! I know this looks romantic at night time.

Beautiful! It would really be nice to add some colors anywhere in the house and yes, even in your garden! Be creative with how you decorate your outdoor space because it will not just make you proud for owning a lovely space but it will also be even more inviting for guests and relatives who would visit your home. You can surely enjoy both daytime and night time parties outdoors!