26 Decorative Ideas of Landscaping with Gravel

Landscaping is considered as one of the many details that are important in planning a house design.

We may not notice immediately but a landscape greatly defines the entire beauty of your house. Since it has a vital role in the aesthetic of your home, then it demands a delicate study and observation to get a good grip of a good plan.

Landscaping diverges according to your home location, the weather and natural features. There are extensive array of landscape materials that can be used, one of which is gravel. Gravel is made up of non-adhesive, granular rock wreckage that has a wide-ranging particle dimension. Landscaping your exterior using gravel would surely benefit its permeable quality. Though it may appear to be harder it will still allow adequate drainage and undeniably more aesthetically amusing.

There are also many types of gravel- some are not ideal for landscaping – so if you have any plans then you must ask opinions from the experts. Then try this set of fabulous ideas and design of gravel landscaping.

gravel landscaping

1. Gravel Walk

crushed granite gravel landscape exterior

Alder Group

This would really be a nice garden walk. The area is surrounded with plants and landscape using gravel with crushed granite.

2. The Bradner Residence

driveway gravel


The curb of the driveway is greatly defined by the gravel being used for the landscaping.

3. Hill House

contemporary gravel

Mihaly Slocombe

This is the entry forecourt, designed with gravel car park that shows a soft touch of elegance.

4. Traditional Patio

patio fireplace gravel It is always an ideal way to give a beautiful landscape for your patio.

5. Tuscan and Stone

tuscany architecture gravel landscape exterior Design your exterior in a sense that it will look very inviting and grand.

6. Country Farm House

planting beds gravel

a Blade of Grass

Inspired by this garden? Then grab this idea.

7. Traditional Exterior

traditional gravel

Crisp Architects

If this is what your facade looks like then surely visitors will get interested to visit your place.

8. A Country Place

rustic style gravel

Milieu Design

Plants must always be a present decor when it comes to a landscape.

9. Tuscan Villa

Mediterranean patio gravel

Taylor Lombardo Architects

Incorporating gravel into your patio will give you a sense of tranquility.

10. Clean and Contemporary Landscape

blustone stucco

Heynssens + Grassman

As always, you need to maintain a clean and attractive landscape like this.

11. Suhr-Brown

pathway gravel exterior

Bliss Garden Design

A gravel pathway would always be very inviting and a formal way to welcome guests.

12. Green Tea

white gravel landscape exterior

Siemasko + Verbridge

The softness of the gravel blends perfectly to the quietness of the surrounding.

13. Portfolio

basalt exterior

D-Crain Design and Construction

There many ways to incorporate gravel into your landscape; this can be one of those.

14. Wagner Residence

gravel landscaping

Wagner Hodgson

Incorporating gravel into landscape allows the visitors to focus on nature.

15. Timber Cove Patio

rocks gravel landscape


It is very fulfilling when you have a space in your dwelling wherein it is closest to nature.

16. Mediterranean Garden

garden landscape

Debora Carl

There are spaces in your homes that are taken for granted, instead transform it into a magnificent gravel garden.

17. La Canada Residence

concrete stepping

Think. Design Office

If you don’t want to just put plain gravel then there are other ways to beautify your landscape.

18. Modern Landscape

modern landscape exterior

Exterior World Landscaping & Design

This an example of a sophisticated and contemporary landscape design.

19. Whisper Rock Residence

southwestern style

Tate Studio Architects

If you are into western style houses it is better to highlight it with gravel landscaping.

20. Dark Planet Garden

garden sphere

David Harber

This garden is such a dramatic place inside your house and surely will be a perfect spot to relax.

21. Country Estate

poolhouse landscape

Arterra Landscape Architects

The ambiance brings a very refreshing mood, offering a perfect place to relax.

22. Mid Century Ranch

geometric gravel

Third Nature Studio

You can add gravel to your landscape when you want to define the pathways.

23. Japanese Garden

Japanese garden landscape exterior

Marc Peter Keane

This design is an example of a Japanese inspired garden; looks very clean and refreshing!

24. Gravel Garden

courtyard gravel It’s really a fact that gardens are the best decorative form for our houses.

25. Flora

big planters gravel exterior

D-Crain Design and Construction

These large sizes of planters are very useful piece for your gardens.

26. Maeve’s Way

gravel landscaping

Nicola’s Home

A Farm house looks more attractive when designed with natural sources.

As I was saying earlier not all areas would fit into gravel landscaping. However, it won’t stop you from decorating your homes. There are many available ways, ideas and designs which are accessible and would fit your location. But I think the secret key to a perfect landscape is when it is closest to nature that is offering a natural appeal.