25 Practical Small Patio Ideas for Outdoor Relaxation

Even if you have a small space, you can add a patio!

It is always best to have a certain space in our house where we can spend time with the family or spend time alone to read, think or just relax.

This way, we don’t really have to be exposed to all the entertainment and fun when all we want to do is chill and rest. There are times in our lives when we only want to listen to the rustle of the leaves or other sounds around nature while sitting and enjoying the view as well as the heat of the sun.

Yes, we can do that in our own homes by adding an outdoor space.

But what if your home isn’t that spacious? Could you still add an outdoor space? Actually, yes! Because even a small area can already be turned into a patio if you really want to; you won’t need an entire yard to achieve this – you just need to have it outdoors. Some even make use of their balcony or terrace.

We have collated some photos to give you inspiration and to provide you with small patio ideas for outdoor relaxation. Here we go:

small patio ideas

1. Urban House

outdoor lounge chairs

Elaine Richardson Architect

You can create a cute sun trap in your backyard by adding two lounge chairs and small table set on a patch of grass that could either be real or fake. Moving it to a nearby tree will add shade to the area.

2. San Francisco Designer Showcase 2010


Siol Studios

Adding some planters made of wood will also be nice so that you can have the freshness of the plants in your small patio.

3. Short St

outdoor kitchen

Outhouse Design

Who said you cannot add an outdoor kitchen for a small patio? Actually you can! I also notice here the built-in bench as well as that accent wall.

4. Contemporary Garden

compact courtyard

CATO creative Ltd

A compact courtyard in green and white is just fresh and inviting which makes the area surprisingly spacious. You can roll out some fake grass into it and accessorize with plenty of potted plants.

5. Iron Shade Arbor

low-maintenance garden

Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design

This one is a low-maintenance garden whose beauty could withstand the tough seasonal weather at different times of the year. H

6. Mediterranean Patio

folding table

Arch Mog

You can also bring a folding table and some chairs into the outdoor area with a big umbrella. It would be nice to eat outside, right?

7. An Artist’s Garden

lovely patio

Bruce Clodfelter and Associates

A lovely patio with earth tones in it and a small table added into the area as well as a sofa and seats. I can tell that this one is the balcony.

8. Garden


Dufner Heighes Inc.

You can do this to the entrance of your house or to the backyard. Seen here is a lacquered bench, petal table, gnome, garden, and container garden.

9. Dulwich

plant designs

C P Landscapes

An abundance of plants compliment the design of this garden and give it a whimsical feel despite the small space.

10. 35 Chesilton

built-in bench

Nu Builds

If you want something neat and modern, this patio will be the one for you with built-in bench and concrete planters.

11. Awarded Designs

outdoor fireplace

Godden Sudik Architects Inc.

If you have a small space in your house that could be opened to the outdoors, insert an entertaining outdoor fireplace and built-in BBQ area.

12. The Colony House

fire pit

Coffman Studio

You can also add some chairs and let is surround a fire pit. Guess you can even eat marshmallows from there!

13. Cococozy in the Hollywood Hills

Small Patio Ideas


Make good use of a balcony by adding some furniture in it. You don’t have to get a spacious garden just to have something like this.

14. Rue Group, Inc.

intimate courtyard garden

Rue Group, Inc. / Kathryn Rue, Landscape Architect

An intimate courtyard garden with cobblestone paving is a charming space to relax and even dine with the family.

15. Birds of Prey Courtyard Garden by Living Green

outdoor table set

Janet Paik

Like the previous one, this has a round table with chairs in a lovely courtyard with plants around it.

16. Exteriors

outdoor concrete fire pit

Revival Arts | Architectural Photography

A patio seating area with cast concrete fire pit. You can see that it used wicker outdoor furniture for this sunken patio.

17. Planters

outdoor furnitures

CYAN Horticulture

A small patio space with various types of planters. Just two chairs and a table were added into it.

18. 72 The Parade Ascot Vale Victoria Australia

small outdoor lawn

Bagnato Architects

This simple back yard that has the combination of different materials to add visual variety like the stone walls and pavers, timber slatted fence and paint rusted feature walls.

19. Knutsford Street Fremantle

brick designs

Lorena Ongaro-Anderson Design

You can also see here a mix of different materials from the pavers to the walls. This looks interesting because it seems to preserve some historic background of the space.

20. Brooklynn Courtyard Patio

rectilinear stones

Statile & Todd

A courtyard with a wonderful patio space featuring rectilinear stones placed in a scattered pattern that compliments with the brick walls.

21. Geary Avenue

elevated patio

Re:Placement Design

You can also add something like this to your outdoor space to create a patio. It is elevated from the ground and is a nice place to rest and read a book.

22. Christin Eggener

wooden built-in bench

C. Marie Designs, Inc

Or you can have something similar to this one with a wooden built-in bench and planters. Put some cushions to make it even more relaxing.

23. Tucson Oasis

tree patios

Santa Rita Landscaping, Inc.

Simply adding a dining set nestled underneath a large existing tree could also be a good idea.

24. Sara & Rocky Garza

outdoor fireplace

Sarah Greenman

Or you can just add a chair and whatever furniture that you don’t need indoors anymore. Combine them together for an eclectic outdoor space.

25. A Park Slope Modern

Small Patio Ideas

Little Miracles Designs

This one is a long and narrow area with grass and wood combined. Just lovely indeed!

Yes, even if you only have a small space, you can still create a patio where you can sit and enjoy the outdoor areas. Aside from that, you will be able to have an area that is especially intended for relaxation. You can even bring a book while sitting outdoors or just stay there to think and ponder about just anything. It would be best to do all that with nature around you. Do you agree? So, are you thinking of adding a patio in your house now? Try to check if you have an area for that.

Bonus Video: Creating a Custom Patio