A Chic Backyard With A Small Modern Pink Patio

There are so many funky features in this outdoor space that you will love!

Every homeowner would agree that having a beautiful backyard or patio in the house is one thing that they would like to have in their home. This would be a perfect place to unwind and relax every time one feels tired from a day’s work. Aside from the fresh air and all the greens that one could see in the area, it would be better that it is well-designed from the walls to the seats and to everything! We have shown you different backyard designs already but this one is different and will no doubt be a total hit for the ladies out there.

A young couple with four children wants to create a place where they could entertain their family and friends. Of course, an outdoor space would be perfect for this and so after they turned a typical Notting Hill stucco property into a sophisticated family home, they asked Germinate Garden Design to come up with a new design for their outdoor space. The pair wanted to have a funky garden design with plenty of space. The area is inspired by their favorite holiday destination, Ibiza. That is why they opted for a brightly colored and creative garden with different areas. The family got an outdoor space with a bespoke outdoor kitchen with top of the range built-in BBQ and storage, two-tier raised beds that double as a seating, and a green wall. Another amazing feature of the garden is the mosaic wall and of course, its touches of pink everywhere! Scroll down and take a look at the space which you will surely love.

Location: Notting Hill

Designer: Germinate Garden Design

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Patio/ Backyard

Unique feature: This beautiful backyard has a modern design with pink colors, a mosaic wall, a green wall and many other impressive features that you would love to see in your own outdoor space.

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As you can see, the patio isn’t that big at all but it has a totally big design because of how cute this looks like. With one look, you can no doubt spot many stunning elements in it.

Germinate Garden Design

What you didn’t see in the first picture is the seating area with lovely pink chairs. It sure is an eye-candy! The color of the chairs matches with the mosaic wall.

Notting Hill chair

The more relaxed seating area is located at the front right corner of the space where bright pink lounge chairs are placed on a semi-circular raised platform. It is also nice that plants are added in the area.

Notting Hill pink patio

Now, this is another seating area but it is used for dining and eating snacks while outdoors. It would really be relaxing to have coffee here with a book. You can also see here the different green wall scattered around the space which brings a natural element to it.

Notting Hill pink patio circle

It looks spacious here, right? What made this space look even more appealing are the circles on the floor that make up the flooring. Overall, the patio really looks very attractive.

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Notting Hill pink patio wood

A closer look at the soft lounge seats that looked even nicer with the floral prints on the throw pillows that goes with it. Even the flowers from that plant are pink too!

Notting Hill pink patio bench

One thing that made this space unique is the curving around the garden which is a handcrafted hardwood bench that provides plenty of seating for visiting friends and family. It also used white island stone pebbles to fill around the stone circles.

Notting Hill pink patio kitchen

On one of the side walls of the patio lies a bespoke outdoor kitchen was created with a bbq, counter space, and storage. The garden also has a sound and lighting system as well as automatic irrigation.

Notting Hill pink patio dine

Another look at the small dining area located at the back right corner of the space. The space is defined by a circle pattern that is made from York stone and was hand cut from the quarry to the designer’s specification. I also love it that the chairs have circular pads of different colors.

Notting Hill pink patio wall

A closer look at the mosaic walls that which is a commissioned work to top mosaic artist, Celia Persephone Gregory. Isn’t it very lovely? The overpowering tall rear wall doesn’t look plain now as it was turned into a beautiful wall feature.

Isn’t this lovely? For sure you will agree with me that this is indeed a stunning backyard! Germinate Garden Design did an amazing job in designing this and anyone who loves to have a chic and funky outdoor space would surely envy this one. This is indeed a great inspiration for those who are looking for a design that would fit their style. To be honest, I never thought that pink could be a lovely color for a patio but after seeing this, I totally changed my mind. This goes to show that we can actually use whatever color and style we like for any space in the house as long as it is well planned and well-designed. In this Notting Hill backyard, I love how it used curves, a green wall, a mosaic wall and the color pink! Everything is actually unexpected for a backyard but as we can see it, a stunning design like this can actually be achieved.