A Contemporary Backyard in Florida Features Multi-Levels

This home has an impressive backyard which is also very inviting and relaxing.

Designing the backyard can be done in many different ways. This would depend on the size, shape and style of the area. There are even small backyards that can still look really beautiful. The usual technique being used in order to make the backyard more attractive is by adding different levels. By doing this, it will bring depth and height to the area. This is what designers did to this contemporary backyard in Florida.

A house which is currently for sale in San Francisco features a small backyard behind it. The multi-level backyard can be accessed from two areas, the living room on the upper floor of the home, and the bedrooms on the lower floor. The house has a Victorian facade but what lies inside it is a modern home with a perfect layout on two levels and alluring indoor-outdoor living. The design of the house gave emphasis on entertaining and an eye on comfort. Apart from the living area which is set in an open layout along with the dining area and kitchen, the house has three bedrooms on the same level which includes the master suite with high ceilings, custom cabinet, and Ann Sacks tile. But the most amazing feature of the house, is its backyard. Come and take a look.

Location: Florida

Designer: Vanguard Properties

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-Storey

Unique feature: An impressive contemporary backyard which has multi-levels using wooden decking.

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When you look at the house, it doesn’t appear like extraordinary. But this Victorian beauty has something special inside it.

Vanguard Properties

Seen here is a stunning open great room with brick walls, extra high ceilings, gas fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling Fleetwood doors leading to the backyard. No doubt, the brick walls inside the house added more appeal to the home’s interior.

Backyard Florida kitchen

This is the designer chef’s kitchen with Leicht custom cabinets and Neolith Estatuario island countertops. As always, a white kitchen looks really great!

Backyard Florida design

Now this is the backyard of the home. You can see that there is an elevated area hold the dining area and a lower area which is for additional seating. With this kind of planning, the backyard looked really nice and inviting. It would be awesome to entertain guests in a space like this.

Backyard Florida landscape

A closer look at the elevated portion of the backyard. At the end of the stairs, one can step down to the dining area with a fireplace, that’s slightly raised from the outdoor lounge, allowing the dining area to be clearly defined. Also seen here is a modern fireplace.

Backyard Florida trees

At the back of the yard, there are also tall trees that will grow to provide shade and privacy to the space which is very important.

Backyard Florida layout

You can see here that the backyard can be directly accessed from the living area at the top floor and the bedrooms on the ground floor. Looking at this, we are given a hint that the layout is different since the private areas are the lower portion.

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Backyard Florida dining

This is the dining space which is located just near the living area. Isn’t it nice that one can take a good look of the backyard garden through the balcony?

Backyard Florida bedroom

This is one of the bedrooms in the house. With the looks of it, I can tell that it is the master’s bedroom. The outdoor living area can be directly accessed through sliding doors in this bedroom.

Backyard Florida balcony

This is the small balcony that provides access to the stairs and a stepping stone path that runs the length of the backyard, alongside a wood covered wall with hanging plants.

Lovely, right? For sure you’ll love the look of this house especially the backyard. As you can see, the lot area isn’t that big but with this design, they managed to add a garden which is an important aspect of a home. For me, a house with a garden is better especially if there are kids who want to run around the place. This home is currently for sale at Vanguard Properties. For sure, whoever will buy this property will definitely love it not just because of its backyard but because of its stunning interior.