10 Essential Things to Remember When Considering a Backyard Fire Pit

Homeowners are no longer contented with a grill in the patio or in the porch. Having a fire pit in the backyard becomes a favorable feature in the house not just because of its function but also due to its effect to the aura of the entire environment.

I know you will agree with me that sitting in front of the fire is an experience that most of us would like to do from time to time – and the best place to do that is in our own homes.

Sitting around the fire is one tradition that had been here for so many years and is dubbed as one of the best way to relax. With that, fire pits became a hit to replace traditional bonfires.

With fire pits, we could allocate a certain part of the backyard where we can burn wood anytime we want to.

Aside from the warmth and illumination it can provide, it creates a dramatic and romantic ambiance that we all long for. With a fire pit, we can spend outdoor night time bonding with family and friends. But as we feel excited about having a fire pit, we have to look into some important things that we need to consider in having a backyard fire pit.

1. Consider the cost.

Consider the cost

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How much are you willing to spend for a fire pit? The cost depends on the size and type of fire pit you want. You can actually make something too or buy a simple unit from the store.

If you have a small budget, then settle for a simple fire pit. Others would spend a lot especially if they add seating and other features into it. The budget of a fire pit may start from $100 but expect it to go up to thousand dollars once you consider adding other amenities around the fire pit.

2. Check local ordinances and codes.

Check local ordinances and codes

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Before you start building a fire pit, you have to be aware of the codes and ordinances in your area with regards to open flames.

This is important because codes differ from city to city. Not all fire pits are allowed in your area. If you just jump in and buy what you like, you might end up wasting your money. So, see to it that you check everything first before taking deciding to get one.

3. Decide if it’s permanent or portable.

Decide if it’s permanent or portable

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What do you want for your fire pit? Do you want it to be a permanent focal point in the yard? If so, choose a spot where you want to place it permanently.

You can also choose a portable fire pit that is lightweight and can be placed anywhere you want where there is outdoor gathering.

This depends on your needs and you have to choose between the two.

4. Pick a style.

Pick a style There are various styles of fire pits. The popular types are fire bowls and those with a square design.

For smaller yards, a bowl would be a good option and it is also preferred for portable designs. In large and permanent fire pits, you can choose square or rectangular ones.

Aside from different shapes, they also have varying designs. Choose those that will fit in your space.

5. Decide on the kind of fuel.

Less problems and disorder

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A fire pit could use wood, natural gas, propane or gel for fuel.

A common choice is wood especially for those who favor true outdoor smell. But if you use wood, make sure that you have enough supply of firewood. Wood burning fire pits are also cost-effective than propane gas or other types of fuel.

6. Know the dimensions.

Know the dimensions

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Fire pits also come in different sizes. Generally, they range in size from 20″-45″ in diameter where small ones are 20″-25″ while the large ones are about 40″-45″ in diameter.

Check your space so you will know what size of fire pit would best work for your area. See to it that you don’t get one that is too big for your yard.

7. Choose fire pit materials.

Choose fire pit materials

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You can also choose materials for a fire pit. It can range from stone and tile to stainless steel and copper. Stone is best for stationary fire pits because they are heavy.

If you want one that is easy to clean and rain and rust resistant, you can use stainless steel although it is expensive. You can also try tiles which are good as decoration and is also fire proof.

Copper fire pits are nice too. They are safe since they are powder-coated and look shiny and beautiful in your yard.

8. Fire pit placement and location.

Fire pit placement and location

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You can’t just place a fire pit anywhere you want. The location has to be chosen carefully. It should be far from anything that might catch fire to avoid accidents. That is why it is advisable to put the fire pit on an open space away from structures, plants, and other combustible materials.

You have to consider wind direction too. It is better to place a fire pit near outdoor kitchens, pools and patios where people gather most of the time.

9. Don’t’ forget safety.

Don’t' forget safety

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Of course, you will not be able to fully enjoy your fire pit if it isn’t safe. That is why you have to make sure that the location is safe. See to it that it is placed on a leveled ground to avoid dangers. Also, like what we said in the previous tip, place it away from any combustible materials.

Use screens too to cover your fire pits.

10. Create the right backyard fire pit ambiance.

Create the right backyard fire pit ambiance

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So, when you finally get your fire pit, it is time for you to create the perfect ambiance for your backyard. Consider installing outdoor lighting. LED lights are preferable because you can just plug it to a near outlet and it is energy-efficient. You can also add seating around it using classic outdoor chairs or you can create a custom made seating area from stones, concrete and others.

So there you have it! We have given you some tips on how you can choose a fire pit and what you need to take note of when getting one. But you should not forget safety all the time. Oh, I really think it would be great to have a fire pit in our own yard! Just imagine the smell of wood being burned giving you that campfire aura. That would make your night fun and exciting!