20 Amazing DIY Home Projects Using PVC Pipes

Normally, a PVC pipe is used for our homes plumbing. Well, it is actually made for that purpose but there are also other ways that you can use a PVC Pipe. If you have some excess pipes, don’t just let them sit in your closet or storage area. Don’t have ideas of what to do with them? We have a list for you that will surely be a great inspiration!

From shoe storage to a vase and just anything that these creative designers and bloggers arrived to, will be featured in this list today. For sure, you will end up pleased upon seeing this round up of PVC pipes DIYs that you can use for the home. Come take a look and be inspired!

diy pvc home

1. PVC modern wine rack

PVC modern wine rack

Martha Stewart

This PVC modern wine rack is an easy project that merely be added into an existing cabinet.

2. Desk Organizing Cups with PVC

DIY PVC designs

Designs by Studio C

Why not store your stuff on your desk using PVC pipes?

3. Drawer Organizers

drawer organizers


You can slice PVC pipe to create drawer organizers. Don’t forget to sand the edges!

4. DIY PVC Shoe Organizer

DIY PVC Shoe Organizer

Home Stories A to Z

If your shoes are all cluttered, then this PVC shoe organizer will save your day!

5. Mother’s Day DIY vase from a PVC pipe

Mother’s Day DIY vase from PVC pipe

Modpodge Rocks Blog

Totally beautiful PVC pipe with black and white photos modge podged into it.

6. DIY Toddler Chairs {Made out of PVC Pipe}

DIY Toddler Chairs

Flower Gallery and Interior Design

Why don’t you make a chair using PVC pipes like this one? Isn’t it cute?

7. PVC Pipe Frame

PVC Pipe Frame


Make a unique mirror or picture frame using PVC pipes like the one in the picture.

8. PVC Pots for Succulents

PVC Pots for Succulents

Leigh Laurel Studios

PVCs also look lovely when used as pots for your succulents and add a cap at the bottom.

9. PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

Crafting in the Rain

Aren’t these cute? Add the initial of your kid’s first name so they will know which brush is theirs.

10. Craft Room Storage

Craft Room Storage

Today’s Creative Blog

Add some washi tape to your PVC pipes and they will be perfect storage for your craft room!

11. PVC Pipe Utensil Organizer

PVC Pipe Utensil Organizer

Pretty Handy Girl

Add a metal screen around your pipes and get a lovely vase and utensil holder.

12. PVC Pipe Washi Tape Organizer

PVC Pipe Washi Tape Organizer

Sowdering About in Seattle

Use pipes as a washi tape organizer and organize them creatively like this one!

13. DIY PVC Pipe Lighted Umbrella Stand

DIY PVC Pipe Lighted Umbrella Stand


Now this doubles as a light and an umbrella holder.

14. Charlie’s Eclectic Mix

Charlie's Eclectic Mix

Apartment Therapy

No more spills for your nursery needs when you store them on the wall this way!

15. Holiday PVC Wreath

Holiday PVC Wreath


Your holiday wreath would like unique with PVC pipes!

16. Chalkboard Wine Rack

Chalkboard Wine Rack

Apartment Therapy

Love this one! A wine rack is concealed at the back of the blackboard.

17. PVC Two-Faced Clock

PVC Two-Faced Clock

Make Zine

You can actually make a two-faced clock from a humble PVC Pipe! Isn’t that cool?

18. PVC Curtain Rod

PVC Curtain Rod

Christopher and Anne

Another smart way to use PVC pipe is for your curtains just like this.

19. PVC Pipes Vases

PVC Pipes Vases

Self Taught Artist

A grungy looking PVC vase perfect for a rustic and industrial space.

20. Coat Rack

Coat Rack

Weekday Carnival

If you want to make a cheap coat rack, then grab some pipes and you can have something lovely like this!

I know you didn’t expect that a PVC pipe can actually be very useful for the home. Apart from decorative stuffs, you can use them to organize your stuff. Amazing, right? You can be more creative with pipes too. They can be used in so many ways apart from what we have featured in the list. Can you think of something to make using PVC pipes?