20 Simple, Geometric And Modern Wooden Planters To DIY

Get a unique planter for your home by making one using wood.

Adding plants to our home would no doubt bring a more refreshing feel into it. But aside from that, it could also be a good decoration for the house both inside and out. But then again, it isn’t just the plants that can actually add appeal to the home but also the planters. Once you use creative and artistic looking planters, you end up bringing the much-needed appeal to your space. Planters come in various designs, shapes, colors and it could be made up of different materials. Sometimes, you can even make one of your own!

When we say DIY planters, what immediately goes through your mind are either plastic bottles or large cans that are used as planters instead of being thrown away. But you are wrong. Actually, aside from those famous reusing of plastic and cans, you can also make one using wood. You could either buy new wooden materials or use the existing ones that you have at home. Well, in whatever way you get your wood, what matters is the kind of design you decide to do. If you currently don’t have ideas, here are simple, geometric and modern wooden planters ideas for you.

1. Wooden Hexagon Planter

Wooden Hexagon Planter

Revival Haus Studio

This modern rustic wooden hexagon planter is stained a medium walnut. But aside from that, it is also hand painted in peach, mint, and white.

2. Stackable Planters

Stackable Planters

Home Made Modern

Although these are merely made from wood, it created a dramatic vertical garden when they are stacked on top of each other.

3. Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter

Home Made Modern

This DIY planter works well as a centerpiece on a table or it can also be wall mounted with a couple of L-brackets.

4. Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter


This one is perfect for collectors of succulents and cactus. When combined together, they can be a lovely decoration for the home.

5. Boxcar Planter- Walnut and Bone White

Boxcar Planter- Walnut and Bone White


Made from solid Walnut featuring Bone White accents, this modern planter could nest three planters together along a windowsill or as a table top centerpiece for a stunning display.

6. Geometric Wooden Succulent Planter

Geometric Wooden Succulent Planter


Using a small salvaged wood as a succulent planter could add show off a natural beauty to the home. Aside from succulents, it can also hold candles and other small plants.

7. Modern Faceted Geometric Planter

Modern Faceted Geometric Planter

Raw Originals

This one looks really nice with the copper wire on it. This would be perfect as a centerpiece or you can prompt it on a side table.

8. DIY Colorful Wooden Geometric Planters

DIY Colorful Wooden Geometric Planters


This geometric wooden planter is so colorful that anyone seeing it would easily fall in love with it.

9. DIY Succulent Planter Box

DIY Succulent Planter Box


This one is just simple. A rectangular box was created and painted with colorful hexagons.

10. DIY Balsa Wood Planters

DIY Balsa Wood Planters

Bre Purposed

Made from balsa wood, these planters looked even lovelier because of the copper tape on it. According to the creator, these looked great when done but it looked even nicer with the plants on it.

11. Wood Flowerpot Simulation Succulent Pots

Wood Flowerpot Simulation Succulent Pots

Hi-Worth Technology

Isn’t this cute? Aside from the LOVE words on it, it is also nice that miniature objects were added around the plants.

12. Wooden Planter Box with Geometric Painting

Wooden Planter Box with Geometric Painting


Another rectangular wooden planter but instead of being painted with hexagons like the other one, this has a different geometric design.

13. DIY Color Block Wood Planter

DIY Color Block Wood Planter

Simplistically Living

Like the other colorful planters, this one also had colors on it as well and was painted in a creative manner.

14. Easy DIY Succulent Planter

Easy DIY Succulent Planter


Instead of slanting designs, this one has straight tape and paint on it. The upper part looked white-washed.

15. DIY Geometric Succulent Planters

DIY Geometric Succulent Planters

DIY Candy

These were actually from the dollar store. These unfinished wood geometric candle holders were painted and it looked really nice this way.

16. Dip DIY Adorable Dipped Mini Wooden Bowls & Planter

Dip DIY Adorable Dipped Mini Wooden Bowls & Planter

Love Maegan

These are so cute! You can take some wooden bowls and paint the upper portion with your desired color and get lovely planters like this.

17. Succulent planter – Walnut Handmade Planter

Home Office Shed

Dms Design Team

A box planter that is made from Walnut featuring a Lime pop on the bottom. This also includes a stainless-steel insert to plant within.

18. Cinch Small Spruce Wood Planter Box with Orange Paracord

CINCH Small Spruce Wood Planter Box with Orange Paracord

The Cinch hop

Although this looked simple, I love the idea of adding a string to it. The upper portion also has a cover.

19. Modern Wood Walnut Boxcar Succulent Planters

Modern Wood Walnut Boxcar Succulent Planters


These planters are a fresh way to spruce up one’s home. It can be a perfect addition for the home office, living room, bedroom, kitchen and just anywhere you want to place it.

20. Geometric Succulent Planter

Geometric Succulent Planter

Rebel Woody

This is a great way to pot low maintenance plants while adding a natural touch to your home by using this woody chic planter.

After seeing this list, you will surely be inspired to either buy one or make one. These wooden planters are indeed lovely and adding this to your home will bring a creative appeal into it while containing refreshing plants on it. And if you had been planning to make your own wooden planters, then this would be perfect for you. You can also use the list above as an inspiration for the planters that you will design. Can you tell me which of the above designs do you like most?