22 Audacious Shades of Blue Floor Lamp

Obviously, it has been emphasized in this site how essential it is to choose the perfect lighting for your homes. We have already been showing you different floor lamps with beautiful designs and colors. But surprisingly the industry of decors and designs offers an unlimited array of innovations. So for today we have another set of floor lamp collections – this time they are in blue shades.

Having a striking color as decorations such as a blue floor lamp, surely you can make a den feel pleasant. A prominent shade of blue for interiors can add an audacious blow of energy to a room. And additionally, blue is connected with tranquility. Also it brings to mind the feelings of freshness and symbolizes potency and fidelity.

blue floor lamp designs

1. Allure Floor Lamp

Allure blue floor lamp


Its solid breadth and minimalist design will perfectly fit into any contemporary interior.

2. Anfora 63″ H Floor Lamp

blue floor lamp


This lamp is made from veneers forming a unique shape that looks very bizarre.

3. Crystals Turquoise Satin Shade Satin Steel Floor Lamp

turquoise satin shade

Lamp Plus

This lamp looks very sensational that features dangling crystals and a turquoise satin drum shade.

4. Blue Lighten Up Floor Shade

nickel base

Land of Nod

Having a lamp shade that has two-tone color brings a stylish appeal to your interior.

5. Satin Dark Blue Drum Twin Pull Chain Floor Lamp

twin chain


The creation is skilled from metal, and has an elegant contemporary look that’s harmonized with a beautiful satin dark blue drum shade with a silver trim.

6. Kudo Floor Lamp

blue floor lamp


This design of this lamp is a perfect masterpiece for an industrial designed home.

7. Lightweight Cylinder Floor Lamp

cone shade


This lightweight lamp features radiantly modern cylindrical designs that will turn up your home décor.

8. Adjustable Blue Metal Floor Lamp



An adjustable lamp is idyllic at any corner of your homes that can be accustomed to comfortable angles.

9. Blue Lounge 5-Light Floor Lamp

 blue floor lamp


The lounge 5-light floor lamp is a stunning focal point for any room and will lit up very bright.

10. 10. Coronado Floor Lamp

coronado floor lamp

Patio Living Concepts

Lamps can also be used as an outdoor lighting that will brighten up your patios.

11. Flowering Lotus Floor Lamp

handcrafted silk shade

The Socialight

A beautifully handcrafted floor lamp shapes like a flowering lotus which is made from silk.

12. Handmade Floor Lamp Model The Queen

floor lamp design

Studio Zappriani

The lamp features a royal blue color that can turn your spaces into a majestic royal atmosphere.

13. AJ Floor Lamp

minimal floor lamp

Arne Jacobsen

This floor lamp’s contemporary excellent looks are harmonized by its sensible design.

14. Tripod Floor Lamp

tripod lamp design

The Navy

The lamp is a combination between the somewhat industrial tripod base and the more classic lamp shade.

15. Devon Tripod Floor Lamp

tripod blue design


A perfectly arc lamp features a tripod base that looks very modern.

16. Tara Medium Satin Blue Shade

satin shade lamp

Euro Style Lighting

Furnish your interior decoration a contemporary boost of floor lamps that features an adjustable balance arm.

17. Nick-Knack Design Floor Lamp

blue floor lamp


If you want a contemporary style then this lamp exactly displays a contemporary look.

18. Phila 3 Light Floor Lamp

3-light blue floor lamp

Lite Source

Experience the radiance that a three-light floor lamp brings inside your homes.

19. Minimikado 66.1″ H Floor Lamp

lamp design


This lamp looks very chic with an extraordinary style of shade.

20. Modern Blue Satin Floor Lamp

Laure Lee blue floor lamp

Laure Lee

The classical look of this modern furniture is very elegant for any modern setting.

21. Seasonal Living Tuli Outdoor Floor Lamp

outdoor lamp

Patio Living Concepts

Who says this floor lamp can’t be a beautiful additional piece for your interior.

22. Thom Filicia Packwood Dusk Blue Floor Lamp

blue floor lamp


This lamp looks antique with a metal stand that looks rusty.

Anyhow there are still a lot of beautiful lamps available for choices. And you must always put in mind that in furnishing your homes don’t be inclined to center your attention on bulky or hefty pieces, there are many decors that you can use as a perfect accent.