Internet Connected Patch Sky Light Keeps You Closer With Distant People

After reading the title, I know you will end up intrigued. You will surely wonder how a lighting could connect people. It actually made me ask too the first time I saw the Patch Sky. Yah. It really is amazing that with man’s ideas and technology, things like this can be created. Even an ambient light can already help you to feel closer to your loved ones.

The Patch Sky is a set of three internet-connected lamps that will make you feel closer to your loved ones wherever they are. This will tell you what kind of weather there is in their place. The lamps are connected to the internet via BERGCloud, which is where the location and weather information comes from. The built-in LED strip of the light then produces colored light animations for the other end to tell the kind of weather from the other. Here is a video of how the lighting works.

The lights seem to look normal, I mean just like a usual lighting that merely illuminates light. But this one is more than just that.

Patch Sky You see it has three colors of red, green and blue.

Sky Light And the colors are even more visible when the lights are off.

blue light This is the blue light that has a half-circle shape.

green lighting While this one is the green light. I guess each one of them represent a certain type of weather.

light blue Just like if it is white-ish blue blinking, it means there are thunderstorms.

blue red I know this one is blue but it emits red light too.

Patch Sky lamps The lamps are named after ancient Egyptian weather deities – Amun, the god of wind, Set, the god of storms, and Tefnut, the goddess of rain.

Patch Sky Closer look at the frame of the lights with a speckled design.

Amazing isn’t it? The ambient light doesn’t just have lovely colors in it but it also has that high-tech function. This is designed by the Benetton Group’s communication research center,Fabrica who have designed other projects with interweb pages. Well, who would not be amazed of a lighting that can tell the weather of another area? I know you are. But for me, it is kind of unnecessary to because it is actually okay to ask or even easier to Google. Lol.