Loft Beds with Desk in 20 Chic Girls Bedroom

Every girl is a princess and parents always want to give the best for them. One way of doing that is by giving them their own fancy and chic bedroom.

Although kids would ask for a princess themed room, others would still prefer one that is functional. This means that they can use it for everything that they want to do.

What sort of things do girls love to do?

Well, maybe arts and crafts, drawing, sewing, and many other hobbies. Of course, they want to have a space where they can do their homework.

Giving them their own personal space will train them to organize their things and be responsible with their possessions.

So, this is what we recommend for your girl’s bedroom.

Get her a loft bed with desk. It is even better if it comes with a closet and drawers where she can store her own things.

Don’t worry. It won’t occupy too much space. In fact, it is an ultimate space saver!

Check out the images of loft beds with desk in 20 different girl’s bedroom:

1. Cheerful Girl’s Room

Cheerful Girl's Room

Frances Herrera Interior Design

From the name itself, it is indeed a cheerful room because of its choice of color. Just below the bed is a study area complete with drawers. It is also nice that this one overlooks the city.

2. Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper in White & Red

Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper in White & Red

Stompa Next Generation – Casa

A vibrant red sofa chair is part of this set. It extends to provide the perfect guest bed for sleepovers. There is also plenty of study space with the fixed and extendable desk and ample storage with the over desk shelving unit and under desk storage cube.

3. Stone Beach House Adair Loft Bed

Stone Beach House Adair Loft Bed

Rosenberry Rooms

The loft bed is the perfect piece of furniture for your child’s room! It is constructed of poplar solids and veneers with a sleek gray finish. It includes a 4 drawer chest end on the twin loft, and a six drawer dresser end on the full loft.

4. Sleep + Study Loft

Sleep + Study Loft

PB Teen

This bed has everything you need in one charming package featuring a compact desk with ample storage space under the loft bed. It also includes shelving on both sides and a sturdy dovetail drawer that glides out smoothly.

5. Madrona Residence

Madrona Residence

CCS Architecture

Well, if you don’t want to make the colors appear very girly, you can have one like this combining gray, white, black and red. This room actually reminds me of the Queen of Hearts!

6. Dumbo Residence

Dumbo Residence

Ed Kopel, Architect, P.C.

A contemporary kids’ room with an orange and white loft bed. The wide mirror on the wall makes the space appear visually larger.

7. Mila Highsleeper

Mila Highsleeper


With a charming design and beautiful fresh white and lilac finish, this one is indeed a real eye catcher and is perfect for all ages. The corner wardrobe, bundles of shelving space, and the sizeable dressing table with a mirror and swivel drawer is great for storage solution.

8. Beadboard Loft Bed

Beadboard Loft Bed

PB Teen

A timeless beadboard loft expertly crafted by engineers to ensure the highest standard of safety and stability. It has a full bed up top, a spacious desk with cabinet and a dresser below it.

9. Nevar Court

Nevar Court

Interiors by LH

A girl’s bedroom with a traditional appeal. Aside from a desk, it has many storage areas and a space for playing too.

10. New Suburb Beautiful

New Suburb Beautiful

Sunset Properties of Tampa Bay

Pink and lime green looks great together just like what you can see in this bedroom. Under the bed is a desk good for two people while on its side is a tall storage space.

11. Vista Ridge Model Homes Girls Room

Vista Ridge Model Homes Girls Room

TRIO Environments

Aside from the colors, I love the patterns in this bedroom. According to the owner, it is so easy to convert between a bed and a table.

12. Excelsior- Siesta Key Beach Condo

Excelsior- Siesta Key Beach Condo

Chic on the Cheap

Who will not fall in love with this modern sleek loft bed? Its neat lines create a clean effect to the interior. And of course, we love the colors and that heart-shaped rug! This one can also provide some play space for your little girl.

13. Kimberley Bryan

Kimberley Bryan

Kimberley Bryan

The study space below it looks really busy with notes and calendars on the wall. This is ideal for girls who go to school and needs to organize their schedules.

14. Levi Loft Twin Bunk Bed

Levi Loft Twin Bunk Bed


Its sleek, modern design and neutral color palette make this bed perfect for growing with your child. The simple lines and exquisite details displayed within this contemporary furniture collection make it look even more beautiful. If you have a toddler, these bedroom ideas will be perfect for her!

15. Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed

Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed

PB Teen

Beautifully built with four times the functionality for sleep, study, store and style all in one place!

16. Loft Beds

Loft Beds

Architecturally Speaking

Get a sleek loft bed like this one so it will fit the modern appeal of the bedroom. Of course, do not hesitate to decorate it with things that you like the most. This way, others can see your kind of personality merely by looking at your room.

17. Upper West Side Triplex

Upper West Side Triplex

Atmosphere Kitchen and Bath

A mid-sized Scandinavian kids room with white walls and light hardwood floors. Love how different colors were added to this bedroom despite the simple design of its loft bed.

18. Frooti Midsleeper 4 with Desk and Chest

Frooti Midsleeper 4 with Desk and Chest

Little Folks Furniture

Apart from an all white midsleeper frame, it has a fantastic roll out desk that can be neatly tucked under the bed when not in use. There is also a 3 drawer chest that is used for keeping clothes, games or toys. The splash of color in Lime and Grey brings a true designer feel to any bedroom.

19. Solitaire Cool Grey Mid sleeper with Pull Out Desk

Solitaire Cool Grey Mid sleeper with Pull Out Desk


This midsleeper with pull out desk is another fabulous contemporary bed. This bed can also split down to a standard single bed if required at any time in the future.

20. Solitaire White Midsleeper with Pull Out Desk and Bookcase

Solitaire White Midsleeper with Pull Out Desk and Bookcase

Kate Maloney Interior Design

This one is an ideal choice for your child’s bedroom as it practical and has a bookcase to tidy away books and toys. It can also be converted to a bunk or high sleeper with the addition of a building kit.

If you are looking for the ultimate sleep, study and storage bed, you will definitely get one from the list we have today. And this will also inspire you to use this type of bed for your girl’s bedroom because it occupies a small footprint while offering many different functions. Of course, do not skip the decorating part because this is what makes every girl’s bedroom fun and beautiful. Which of the above loft beds with desk will your princess like the most? Before you go, check out loft beds with desk for your boy’s bedroom.