20 Videos of Interesting and Unique Chair Designs

Fond of watching videos? This list gives you a glimpse of how some unique chairs work.

It is common for all of us to see a chair anywhere and to make use of it wherever we go. Chairs are part of our lives. Without it, we won’t be able to rest our body to take a little break from standing. It is used in all places and comes in different forms, colors, size, shapes and even usage. While we are all aware that chairs are for sitting, some chair designs are not just made for such purpose.

If you have seen many interesting chair designs online or on other social media sites like Facebook, you are no doubt familiar with transforming furniture or furniture with multiple usages. There is also furniture that has unique and impressive designs that you can add to your home. But you will be more impressed once you see this round up of beautiful chair designs that will leave you mind blown. Scroll down below and check the chair design videos we have collated for you.

1. The Triplette Chair of Paul Menand

This will blow your mind! If you think there is only one chair here, you are wrong! French designer Paul Menand takes an innovative and unique approach to the stackable chair concept resulting into this awesome chair.

2. The Språng Chair

Språng chair combines the movement of an exercise ball, the comfort of an ergonomic chair, and the therapeutic benefits of resistance bands.

3. Salli Saddle Chair

This chair is designed to help you gain a good posture. It also helps with the user’s brain circulation, knee and hip joints, pelvic health, back health, and intestine health. It can even help avoid shoulder joints and mouse hand syndrome.

4. Cabbage Chair

Reclaimed materials are used to make the Cabbage chair. It is a compact roll of paper that the user opens up and peels back, layer by layer in order to create a soft enclosure for the body. It requires no finishing, assembly, or hardware. To give the paper some strength, resins were added to it while the pleats make the paper springy and elastic.

5. M Chair

Mexico based design group Estudio408 designed the M Chair which is a very innovative piece of furniture that can be used as a bed, chair, or a table. It is made from waterproofed tropical wood and it is versatile and a great space saver.

6. Dutch Design Chair

The Dutch Design Chair isn’t just a chair but it can also be used as a stool or a coffee table. Due to its unique design and innovative construction, the possibilities of this environmentally-friendly stool are endless. It is made from high-quality, FSC-Certified corrugated cardboard which can support up to 200 kilos of weight (440 pounds).

7. NEST Chair

Markus Johansson wanted to break loose from the traditional furniture design and found an exciting design language. The chair is made of braids round rods and consisting entirely of free forms with no right angles, and of course, environmentally friendly, made entirely of wood.

8. Rising Chair

You will be amazed once you see how the Rising chair works. It is actually like creating a chair out of a flat surface!

9. Flexible Love Stretching Chair

This little chair stretches into a gigantic seat that is flexible and strong yet light to move. Paired with a Junior giant expandable table, you can create extra space in your home when you have visitors.

10. Fillet Chair

The unique interlocking design of the Fillet chair is achieved through the two bent plywood pieces that provide a simple and clean alternative to other complicated furniture. Fastening components were eliminated for this chair which creates a fun experience.

11. Multi-Function Seat

Want to create your own designer furniture? Check this video so you can see how a versatile chair can be created.

12. Flux Chair

This chair looks like a giant envelope. It is a craftily cut sheet of polypropylene which makes it sturdy once folded into a chair.

13. Manet Easy Chair

The Manet chair gives the users a maximum freedom of movement from laying to sitting while reading, taking a nap or just sitting. You would stay in between its stems while relaxing. And I am sure many would agree that it looks like you are sitting on a giant French fries!

14. Paq Chair

The designer said that this is the world’s simplest armchair transformable into bed. It consist of only three elements a foam mattress, a textile cover with zipper and an optional fiber drum or a permanently attached protective sheet. It is good for small flats or as a spare bed.

15. Josie, The Chair That Pops

I don’t know what you will think about this chair but it really pops! It is initially designed as a personal project and it was born from the idea of empathizing with a moment – the action of seating. Josie is a performing chair fashioned from beech wood, defined by simple design features and chunky lines.

16. The Re-Ply Chair

According to the designer, they discovered a way to make cardboard strong and they used it to make this chair made of layers of cardboard.

17. The Woodieful Chair

The Woodieful chair is a multifunctional piece of wooden furniture with a timeless design that can fit into any living space or arrangement. It has multiple uses that could fit one’s lifestyle and personality.

18. The Ollie Chair

The Ollie Chair unfurls with a flourish and retracts instantly with the pull of a string. Apart from its good looks, it is customizable and it could be a nice versatile primary or secondary seat for homes and even for businesses, inside and outdoors.


EVENaBAG is the perfect companion for outdoor and indoor activities. It can be carried as a bag and you can use it as a chair or a mat.

20. Chairless Chair

After seeing different chair designs, how about sitting down without a chair? The Chairless Chair is a wearable brace that locks into place with the push of a button. The chair holds about 220 lbs per leg. What are your thoughts about this innovation?

Yes, even a chair can actually look really unique. If you have a simple chair in your house, seeing these unique chair videos will definitely make you realize that there is more to a chair than just for sitting! There are already many chair designs that have multiple functions which give us the value for our money. Now can you tell me which of the above mentioned chairs do you like the most? Which one would you possibly buy? Of course, expect that these chairs come with an expensive tag price compared to the normal chair you have at home.