15 Simple Garden Lounge Furniture Designs

If you want to enjoy the outdoor beauty, you won’t like to be merely standing up to observe it. You would love to sit and enjoy the outdoor ambience with soft breeze and fresh air. You can provide seating area to your garden or to your pool but you can choose a garden lounge for a more comfortable relaxation.

Garden lounge are obviously outdoor furniture that can be made from different kinds of materials. You will be able to see what materials we are talking about below. It ranges from wood to metal frames but all of them managed to get an elegant look that added beauty to the outdoor scenario. Here are the 15 Simple Garden Lounge Designs we have collected for you:


Garden Lounge Furniture

Kris Van Puyvelde

A wooden lounge chair that can give the luxury of outdoor cushions that has a design perfect for an outdoor ambience.

Terracotta Sun Lounger

terracotta lounger

Ali Express

Look at how beautiful this terracotta lounger is. It would look prettier when the sun strikes it.

522 Tokyo

Japanese design

Charlotte Perriand

This one has some Japanese touch with its use of bamboo, teak and beech.

Premiere EM2

bathing chair

Thomas Sauvage

Get long-lasting beauty with this sun bathing chair created with pure shapes and noble materials.

Long Beach

Simple Lounge Designs


A contemporary lounger that uses rattan for the base accentuated with the clean lines and strong colors.


aluminum sections

Francesco Rota

The structure of this lounge is made from aluminum sections which can also have an upholstered top.

Flow Lounge

lounging outdoors

Caneline Australia

Have a great time lounging outdoors with the graphite weave of this furniture.

Escape Sunbed

Garden Lounge Furniture

CL Design

Whatever you position you will do, you will get comfortable with this sun bed.

Colonial Sun Lounger Set

imaginative design


Looking at this room, we can imagine a place where a fortune teller can receive her clients – pretty imaginative really, but with the deep color and this huge mirror, what more can we think of?

Bayekou (M’Afrique Collection)

hand weave lounge

Ayse Birsel, Bibi Seck

This lounger makes use of hand weaving technique with plastic threads.


lounge furniture

Pietro Arosio

Rotate the base of this furniture and it can be tilted in two different positions with steel covered frame.

Sailing Armchair

Simple Lounge Designs


A unique design of a lounger that uses solid oak and solid teak- perfect for outdoor usage.

Premiere EM2

premiere outdoor chair

Thomas Sauvage

Generate desire with pure shapes and noble materials with this premiere outdoor chair.


simple design

Vincent van Duysen

Timeless simplicity of this design makes it apt for whatever outdoor scene.


Garden Lounge Furniture

Michel Bouquillon

A lazy lounger and deck chair made from metal frame structure.

These loungers may not have unique designs but their simplicity can be a great addition to your outdoor look. Aside from that, it can also be functional since you will be able to use it for both day and night. Choose the type of lounger that suits your exterior design.