20 Charming Coffee Table with Pull-Out Ottomans

One way to save space in the living room is to insert the ottoman under the coffee table.

Ever saw those coffee table and ottoman pairings in your neighbor’s house or maybe in the department store where you shop? Well, we have those types of combinations in this list today. I personally like the living rooms in this list and I think that you’ll like them too. Plus you’ll want to see the coffee tables and pull-out ottomans in this list too.

Today, we will be showing you a list of 20 Charming Coffee Table with Pull-Out Ottomans that are located in lovely living rooms. The materials of the coffee tables and the ottoman vary from one living room to the next but they sure looks great in every living room that they are in. Notice the wonderful combos we have below and tell us what you think about them!

coffee tables ottomans

1. 2nd Avenue

2nd Avenue

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This home sure is fancy! You can obviously see that with the choice of furniture and decor that they have. The view of this home is in fact fascinating even when those are merely buildings; compared to trees or plants, having this view is perfect especially for career people living in the city.

2. 98 Canyon Creek Irvine

98 Canyon

Canaday Group

The ceiling work in this living room is a beautiful treat for the people living in here and for the people coming to visit. The large space is made more charming and eco-friendly because of the large windows and doors. Passive cooling sure is practiced here and it’s just cool. Take note of the colors used in here – neutral and stunning!

3. Adelson

Jeffrey Kin

Jeffrey King Interiors

Here is a coffee table with pull-out chairs that looks like something that came with the leather sectional. It’s neat that the color in here makes the living room really clean and neat – I think that the people who would love the color palette in here are those yuppies – people fresh out from grad school and in their early 40s.

4. Athens Ranch

Ryan Street

Ryan Street & Associates

Pull-out ottomans does not necessarily have to come with the furniture set or even the coffee table; all you have to do is to measure the space under the coffee table that you’re planning to do the pull-out ottoman combo with and of course make sure that it matches well with your living room.

5. Builder’s Dream Home

Mahoney Build

E. B. Mahoney Builders, Inc.

Now the coffee table and pull-out ottoman in this picture looks like it came together. The color contrasts but works well because of the color of the wall console seen in here. The dark colored wood match with the color of the ottoman material.

6. Croasdaile Farms

Croasdaile Farms

Teal Interior Design

The effect of the color brown and gold made this white living room look really sophisticated and fancy. It’s nice because you see how clean this space look like and the fact that they added patterns in the furniture and wall decors, this space looked more spectacular.

7. Family and Media Room in San Diego

Robeson Des

Robeson Design

The ottomans paired with the glass coffee table sure looks sweet. The color is great – it’s sophisticated and neat and somehow looks modern even though this living room sure is contemporary. I like the cute stand lamps beside the television console and the paintings above it.

8. Greenbrier Residence

Baggett Architect

Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

Using contemporary colors like black, white, grey and sometimes blue makes one’s space more appealing than it already is. Take for example in this living room, we can see that the colors played well for the space – it’s not too loud or not too blah – it’s just enough.

9. Hillgrove Residence

Tim Barbe

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

This all-neutral colored space somehow looks boring to me. I know that the home owner sure wanted the color to be like this and honestly, this space looks calm and serene and this sure is ideal for this space actually since they come here to watch movies and chill.

10. Living Room 5

Lauren Ostrow

Lauren Ostrow Interior Design, Inc.

This coffee table and ottoman combo sure looks unique and definitely not your regular tandem. For one thing, the material sure is different from each other and the color of the table and the ottoman is opposite each other. Although we know that green and brown are great combos, this one sure looks way different because of the colorful print on the top portion of the chair.

11. New Project in San Fran

San Fran

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This multi-function coffee table is a treat! It doubles as a coffee table and a shelving location for those small books or magazines you want to keep underneath your table – plus it sure is a great location to keep the cute blue ottomans that serve as accent to this living room.

12. San Francisco Eclectic Living Room

Amy Weaver

Amy Weaver Design

The design on the wall is quite fascinating, it looks like a large headboard for a bed – of course, it can be that – we just do not know for sure what the history of this living room; also, I would like to really want to commend the designer of the ottomans because it sure looks special and expensive plus stunning too of course.

13. Saratoga Home

Saratoga Home

Ambiance Systems

At first glance, what I saw was the beautiful fireplace screen – for a second there, I got confused what I was writing about. This picture though of course would be talking about the wooden coffee table and pull-out ottoman – it sure blends with the color of the entire space.

14. Scotland Contemporary Living Room

Malcolm Duffin

Malcolm Duffin Design

Familiar living space? This picture has been featured in one of the lists for this week about Feng Shui and I think that this sure fits this list just fine because of the beautiful coffee table and pull-out ottoman it has. What do you think about the blue sofa too?

15. Setai

Fava Design

Fava Design Group

Well this is one gorgeous white living room! The colors in here surely make this living room more appealing than most of the living rooms in this list; I mean the others are pretty too, but this one surely beats them, right? Especially with that stunning white coffee table and white ottoman combination.

16. Stonewall Beach Residence

Martha Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design

This beach home sure is one place I’d want to be in right now. I miss the beach and looking at this one sure makes me miss the beach so much more. Almost everything in this space is in plain colors but with the striped ottoman and the rattan-ish carpet, this made it more interesting and fun! Don’t get me wrong, this space is already fun as it is.

17. Summer House

Summer House

Details a Design Firm

If this was a summer home that belonged to one of my family members or relatives – I think that I’d be visiting every summer! The house looks really huge and comfortable and really relaxing. Do you agree? Notice how pretty the coffee table is – it match with the ottomans too.

18. Sweetwater Residence

Threshold Goods

Threshold Goods & Design, LLC/p> Doesn’t the ottoman pillows in this living room look pretty? The color matches the sofa and pretty much complements the arm chairs too. What’s nice with them is that they have cute fabric although of course the owners need to be careful with food around it to maintain its cleanliness.

19. Willoughby Way

Willoughby Way

Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

With a spectacular view like the one in this picture, I think that people would really love to be near the windows! The arm chairs and the ottoman paired with the coffee table sure match each other and really are neat – the color looks clean and very classic.

20. Windsor House

C Company

The L&C Company

Now this is one beautiful ending to this list – the color combination of the coffee table and the ottoman is really beautiful! They serve as the center of attraction of this living room and I think that they deserve it! The minimal decor and furniture in this living room makes each one in it worth it.

Well if this list is pretty awesome, I think that you should check out other ottoman designs because the ottomans in there are cute. Like the ottomans in that other list, the ottomans in this list are adorable too, plus the added coffee tables are superb! More to come in Home Design Lover!

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