20 Fascinating Rocking Chairs in the Bedroom

Instead of a bedroom lounge, why not bring in a rocking chair into the bedroom?

Now, we all know what rocking chairs are – what their primary use and that the fact that more and more awesome designs are available in the market today. Below is a list of beautiful rocking chairs that totally makes every bedroom in this list as awesome as they are because a rocking chair was added. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing chairs in the bedroom – for when you want to read or plainly relax; having a rocking chair in the bedroom would just totally be more wonderful.

Rocking chairs are basically normal looking chairs with two curved band instead of legs which are called rockers. They are usually connected to each other at both ends or at least with one of them; but then of course, because of all the designs that are currently out in the market, we can see more modern approach to how they attach the rockers. If you want to see more designs of rocking chairs, check out the pictures that we have below.

contemporary rocking chair

1. Apartment Belsize Park

Apartment Belsize

Mia Karlsson Interior Design

Now I made this the first photo in this list because this rocking chair is definitely rocking it! The furry design makes it really feminine, classy and really expensive. I know that furniture need not to be expensive to look pretty, but come on, it sure looks neat, right?

2. Coastal Modern Fusion

Modern Fusion

Ocean Blue Custom Homes

Next in line is another white rocking chair with metal arms and rocker. Looking at this space, we know how glamorous it is. Not only is this place stunning in white, it also has a fascinating view across it. If I was at the opposite side of this home, I think that this home is “the view.”

3. 27 sq.m. Paris Home

Paris Home

Sandra Dages Interior Designer

A cute Paris home which was accentuated with the right colors to make it much more stunning as it is. Even when the space is small, this home is just as charming as I think it is. I have visited model homes before and this one could pass for one.

4. Newport Vacation Home

Newport Vacation

Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design

A wooden rocking chair with a unique back rest and body in general. The entire bedroom has an Earthy twist to it that I think draws people in. Aside from the fact that this place is a vacation home, I think just staying in this bedroom is already a vacation in itself – staycation – you pick the way you do it.

5. Ross Residence

Ross Residence

Dirk Denison Architects

When I was collecting the photos for this list, I came across this bedroom and this contemporary rocking chair and I totally loved it! The lines in this bedroom is quite evident – I do not totally like it, but because these lines are clean and this room looks fancy, I can let that pass – smoothly.

6. Texas Cantilever

Texas Cantilever

Universal Joint Design Associates

What a wonderful Texan bedroom! It does not have that ranch feel that I get whenever I search for home photos from there but with the cool design of the rocking chair, it still has a hint of that Texan feel one is looking for; and what do you think about the bed frame? Pretty box-y but doesn’t really look comfy. Don’t you think so?

7. Townhouse

Bruce Palmer

BrucePalmer Interior Design

It might not be as obvious as most of the rocking chairs in this list, but you should take a closer look at the leg and rocker design of this one; plus it comes with a foot rest too – for times when you want to just stay idle for a bit. With that view of the sea – I think this place sure is home.

8. City View House

City View

Russian For Fish

This contemporary design of a rocking chair comes in different colors and that surely is known to people into reading, collecting or searching for the most awesome and modern furniture design out there. I think that it’s nice to actually have a black rocking chair since the walls and the beddings in here are white – pretty much complementing one another.

9. Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalow

Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design

This may be the closest photo of this rocking chair and I really wanted this one in this list because of the circular arm it has that actually connects to the rocker portion of this chair. I like the light colored part of the flooring, I can’t say for sure, but I think that it’s carpet; I mean, at first glance I thought it was tiles.

10. Cremorne Residence

Cremorne Residence

Touch Interiors

With a large and charming bed like this one, I think three or four people could actually fit in – sleepovers would be a great idea! I love how this bedroom is just so white and heavenly. Adding a traditional looking rocking chair added charm to this already-charming bedroom.

11. Dezanove House

Dezanove House


I think that this house is quite intriguing because of the materials used with it. I feel like even when I’m looking at it makes me feel a bit claustrophobic because it looks like you’re in a box – but then the view of the outdoors is another thing.

12. Fogscape / Cloudscape

Fogscape Cloudscape

Min | Day Architects

Murphy beds are one of the few things that I am totally thankful for technology especially in home design and space-saving. More and more homes are popping up here and there and truth be told, spaces are getting smaller and smaller. I totally love how the bed and everything in here is kept on the wall to save and maximize space all at the same time.

13. Kukio

Kukio Kukio


Nicholson did a great job with how this bedroom actually looks and somehow feels. The summer feeling or aura that this space has is quite interesting and fun. I love how just across the glass doors are coconut trees! Pretty awesome, right?

14. La Jolla Shores

Jolla Shore

Silver Sparrow Development

Take a look at the large bed with that unique detail by its foot. I think any bed with a decent cushion would be comfortable than not having one at all. If you notice, this color combination of white and brown made this bedroom quite traditional as much as it is homey.

15. Nantucket Sound House

Nantucket Sound

A3 Architects, Inc.

If you think that a brown rocking chair would not really blend well with a blue-colored bedroom, well, I think we should reconsider that notion. Don’t you agree? The color palette of this bedroom is quite a charmer. The light blue color makes its combo with the white real pretty and a bit fancy.

16. Oakland Rockridge Residence

Oakland Rock

Bali Construction

A traditional rocking chair is rocking its way into this Oakland bedroom. The white drapes, the blue linens and the awesome windows are some of the few things that makes this bedroom extra special and stunning.

17. Stone

Malcolm Davis

Malcolm Davis Architecture

The rocking chair in this bedroom sure looks like an old design made into a new one. This is true for most furniture. As much as we think one furniture design is unique and special – we should always remember where its inspiration came from so what we know how one design came to be.

18. The Woods Outback

Woods Outback

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

With that much greenery in the background, I think that this house could be anywhere close to a forest or something. I like the color combination used in this bedroom – it looks refreshing, fun and colorful but calm. The corner windows are pretty stunning too.

19. Todi Villa

Todi Villa

Alhadeff Architects

This bedroom from this villa looks a bit Asian, don’t you agree? Maybe it’s the way the wood was used in this space – it’s basically in everything in here – the windows, the ceiling, the box or cabinet at the foot of the bed, the head board and well, the rocking chair. This neutral-colored bedroom sure looks homey and comfy; two things people usually want for their bedrooms.

20. Walnut Creek Farmhouse

Walnut Creek

Adeeni Design Group

This is one rattan rocking chair that surely is something that you commonly see in native stores. The design of this one may be a bit complicated than your usual rocking chair. I can say that you can tell the usual design from the complicated one if you have seen them at least once in your life.

What do you think about the rocking chairs that you just have seen above? I’m sure that there are some favorites that you might have picked in the list, but there could be more interesting designs out there that we have not seen. If you have the time, you can actually send us links for us to check out. If you want more designs we have collected before, check out the 15 Contemporary Rocking Chairs That Rocks! More to come in Home Design Lover!