NatureV2.01 Furniture Covered with Real Tree Bark

We all want things that are made from natural materials. Natural and organic seems to have that special connection to us users because of life. If we talk about home furniture and decors, wood is the most widely used. But we all know that we cannot just chop down a tree to use it for construction. We have to make sure that we plant a new one in replace of it because if not, we will ran out of trees and would be like Thneedville in Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax story. We would have artificial air and everything else will be artificial too. Of course, we don’t want that.

What we will feature today is called NatureV2.01 by Draw Me Sheep. These are chairs and stools that looks like chopped from a real tree. But of course, they aren’t. But they are upholstered from real bark. We can see a curvy chair and a square stool which are of course impossible to find from a tree trunk because trunks are round. Let us take a look at the images below.

A chair looks like it was taken from a real trunk but is actually just an upholstery.

NatureV2.01 With the added leaves and an ax, this stool looks like real. Although its bark is indeed authentic.

upholstery design You can clearly see the difference here of the real element to the rings that were just drawn or printed on the upholstery.

metallic elegant This one has a metallic side which looks elegant.

square stool With a deformed part, this square stool looked even more real.

NatureV2.01 Another image of the chair with bark upholstery.

Interesting, right?Draw Me a Sheep have designed these chairs with the idea of having square trees. Because they think that if trees were square there will be no waste of materials when a tree is chopped down. But of course, a square tree is impossible. God has a better purpose for making trees cylindrical in shape. Agree?