20 Fascinating Rattan Chairs in the Dining Room

Rattan chairs in the dining room could bring a natural touch to the space.

We have featured a couple of lists that showcases spaces that use rattan as their main building material for the chairs – like in the living room arm chairs or the kitchen bar chairs and even accent chairs in the bedroom. This material is so flexible that it looks great in all the designs available in the market. You can see how pretty each design is that totally complements with the tables they are paired with.

From arm chairs to regular looking dining room chairs, you will see how much designs are available in the market. Some may look uncomfortable, some may even look like the colors are too dry or lame, but take a look closer and you’ll see that they totally match the space they are in. Take a look at the spaces we have collated for you guys!

1. Amy Sullivan’s Beach House

Amy Trowman

Matthew Bolt Graphic Design

This beautiful dining room sure brings new meaning to a sun room because of all the light that comes into it. The white dining room sure looks very pretty against all the wood flooring and the beautiful rattan dining room chairs, not to mention the lovely drum pendant light that is seen in here.

2. Bay Beauty

Brigantine NJ

Bridget McMullin, ASID, CID, CAPS

If you are into white spaces and maybe the beach – this New Jersey home design is for you! Look at all the details that you see in here that makes any other beach home jealous. I think the rattan chairs in here and that artsy pendant light adds more drama to this place.

3. Beach Style Dining Room

Jen Wunderlich

Jen Wunderlich Photography

Here is another beach style home that might give you another inspiration for that planned space you are thinking about. Although we only see the dining table set in here along with the stunning pendant light, I’m sure that you can surely see how lovely this space is.

4. Clam Point

Clam Point

Sullivan + Associates Architects

If this outstanding rattan dining room chair doesn’t charm you, I don’t know what will. This set sure is really pretty that it looks great even when it is the only thing you see in this space – except of course for the pendant lights and that awesome view by the window.

5. Cogburn Location in Milton GA

Cogburn Location

Disciplined Design LLC

This is one charming living room that combines a contemporary design and a hint of traditional because of the rattan chairs and the traditional design for the mini chandelier in the center above the table. The grey walls in this space sure complements well with all the wood in this home.

6. Lakeside Chic Dining Room

Lakeside Chic

Lauren Nicole Designs

The back rests of these rattan chairs look like a shell where you can find pearls – except that it is not that large or whatever. I find the color of these chairs a bit dry but I’m not sure if they would look cheap if you actually sprat them with something to make it shine or brighter brown. I also like the lamp in this dining room.

7. Flintrock Falls Showcase

Flintrock Falls

Infinity Design, Inc.

Here is one charming dining room with a hint of traditional and earthy feel to it with the materials used in this space – from the rattan chairs to the drapes used in the windows to the pendant lamp that sure looks like a traditional design that we have seen in the market for a long time.

8. French Country Meets Southern Farmhouse Style

in Georgia

Corynne Pless

This is one cute Georgia home that says, “I’m a French home farmhouse.” The decors used in this home is quite pretty – from the details on those China wares to the chairs chosen to be paired with the vintage dining table and that stunning vintage chandelier – this is one fabulous dining space!

9. Hilltop Retreat

Tucker Marks

Tucker & Marks

Tucker & Marks sure did a great job in this hilltop retreat home. The wood used in the entire house is that of the best kind available in their place and you can see how pretty the rattan chairs that were bought for this dining room. I really like the colors used in this home too.

10. Jetties House

Chip Webster

Chip Webster Architecture

Here is an example of rattan furniture that does not necessarily have to be brown or light grey. This black rattan dining room chairs highlights this very grey room. The black frame on the wall and the black shelves surely made this house classier and a bit more contemporary.

11. Maui Sanctuary

Natalie Young

Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

I’m sorry that we are currently looking at rattan chairs that are not clearly seen in this angle. I just wanted you guys to see how this angle makes this space rather pretty. The blue painting on the left and that stunning lighting fixture in the middle of the room and the lovely table!

12. Modern Dining Miami

Browns Interior

Brown’s Interior Design

Take a look at the innovative look that this dining room set has. The design of the chairs look like something you can see in a living room – huge, comfy and bulky. The color of the walls and the floor complements well with the dining set which is always a good thing, right?

13. Mozley Residence

Mozley Residence

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Notice that the design and details of these chairs look like something you can place in your patio or in your outdoors? The comfy armchair design is best for times when we want to really eat well and enjoy the food presented to us during meal times.

14. Peninsula Point

Peninsula Point

Blackband Design

Here is another set of light-colored rattan chairs that makes this beach home rather pretty. The chandelier is really stunning and special while the paddles and other paintings and decors most definitely scream, ‘where’s the beach?’

15. Porch Dining Area

Toni Sabatino

Toni Sabatino

This dining room designed and added in a porch sure allows for the people dining in here the comfort of the stunning view of the outdoors and the chance for them to bask in the warm and cozy heat the sun has to offer during the times that the sun is out and about.

16. The Beach House

The Anderson

The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design

Here is one dining space that surely wanted everything to be white. We see that there are browns and hints of blues in this place but majority of the space uses white. The contrast on the table and the chairs and the chairs and the cushions give this space a bit of art and comfort. Homes by the beach sure area pretty.

17. The Cassidy

The Cassidyx

Echelon Interiors

Another beach home design that uses rattan, blue fabric and white paint color for everything else. Although we cannot see the exact detail of the center pendant light, it sure gives a hint of love for glass and everything white. While the area carpet is a stripe of blue and white, I still think an awesome furry white carpet would look prettier for this space. Haha! Why not? It looks great in everything!

18. The Coast is Clear

Marnie Custom

Marnie Custom Homes

Hoot hoot! This is really one fascinating open floor plan of the kitchen-dining room in this home designed by Marnie Custom Homes. The lighting fixtures in this space is superb; the rattan chairs and wooden table along with the awesome table runner, this space is just perfect!

19. Timeless Lake Minnetonka

Denali Cus

Denali Custom Homes, Inc.

This is one home specially designed by Denali that surely made the home owners pretty happy. Well, I think so. If I have a place like this one, I’m pretty sure that I’d love to hang out in here or invite friends over. Notice the rattan chairs in this space are really pretty – one of the best in this list; and I am sure about that.

20. Waverly Custom

Waverly Custom

Patterson Custom Homes

This is one large dining space and kitchen! The open floor plan is just amazing and full of potential! There is so much you can definitely do with the space. From additional decor, this space would surely shine if more lighting fixtures would be added in this space. I love the large space in here.

If the list of living rooms with rattan chairs was something you considered or even liked, this list of 20 Fascinating Rattan Chairs in the Dining Room might be far more interesting. The designs of the arm chairs are generally neat and something you can add in whatever archetype or motif you have for your space, that’s one thing for sure. Plus, if you are into Green Architecture or Sustainable material, this one is a better choice that you regular dining room chairs.