23 Sweet Traditional Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Be inspired with this charming list of traditional bedrooms for little girls.

We always consider a little girl as a princess. Because of that, we would give them what they want from beautiful dresses to toys. We also let them choose what they want too and it isn’t just us that will choose for them because we always consider what best interests them. Aside from clothes, books, shoes or toys, we make sure that our princess will have the bedroom that she will love. This will be her abode where she will start to make her dreams come true.

Speaking of bedroom designs for girls, we have collated some with a traditional design. I would guess that you have already seen modern bedrooms for girls or other creative girl bedrooms that have impressed you. But did you wonder how a traditional bedroom would look like? Well, today, we are going to show you a list of these bedrooms so you will have something to inspire your girl’s bedroom decors and designs. You can notice that there is a difference with modern bedrooms and traditional ones because traditional spaces have more intricate designs and styles than the modern private areas. Let us take a look at them below.

girls traditional bedrooms

1. Marshfield, MA

Marshfield, MA

Mary Prince Photography

The color palette used here combines pink, red and green. It does look great, right? It also features beautiful furniture and area rug. Another interesting feature is the lightings used in the area.

2. Piscataway Landing

Piscataway Landing

Haverford Homes

This one has a contemporary or modern touch but if you look at the furniture, it is indeed traditional. Don’t you love the circles on the wall and the stripes on the sheets? Lovely colors indeed!

3. Orchid Newton

Orchid Newton

PF Furnishings Ltd T/as Paul Fisher

Such a charming bedroom with tree wall decals and checkered pink fabrics. I like how simple this one looks but very fabulous.

4. Kensington SW7: Escape in Hyde Park

Kensington SW7: Escape in Hyde Park


This bedroom has a different shape but the designer didn’t take that as a hindrance to make it look gorgeous because they succeeded in using pink and white together. Having a canopy bed would always be a good way to make your little girl feel special.

5. Baby Pink Antique

Baby Pink Antique


Intricate mirror and furniture are used here. Isn’t this a sophisticated bedroom design? It sure is! it is the bed that really caught my attention and its baby pink antique style.

6. NYC Bedrooms by Designed to Appeal

NYC Bedrooms by Designed to Appeal

Designed To Appeal

Isn’t that a cute set for a tea party? Flowers fill the bedroom without overdoing it. You can see how the wall decors added life to the walls and how the area rug brought texture to the space.

7. Lilac Cream Bedroom

Lilac Cream Bedroom


It is always a good idea to add a canopy to the bed even on this manner as it will make your girl feel like a real princess. I love how they did the furniture arrangement on this one.

8. Mountain


Rare Additions Interior Design, Inc.

Such a sweet combination of green and pink! And I like that intricately designed wardrobe. It feels like Rapunzel lives in here!

9. Just 1 Visas

Just 1 Visas

Vladimir Nikiforov

Any girl would love to have a bedroom like this one because it is such a charming space from the canopy to the chandelier.

10. Laurie Rabe

Laurie Rabe

Rikki Snyder

Yes, you can also do it like this by adding pretty wallpaper on the wall and combine it with printed fabrics. Love the idea of adding plants and flowers in the bedroom.

11. Honey Bee Interiors – Queens Park

Honey Bee Interiors - Queens Park

Paul Beauchamp

The first thing I saw here is the dollhouse! Look at that area rug with embossed floral design, it is so gorgeous.

12. Traditional Little Girl Bedroom

Traditional Little Girl Bedroom


A soft duvet set is used in the bedroom with beautiful lights and furniture design. That mirror that hangs on a ribbon looks really nice.

13. Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem

All Star Premier Homes, LLC

You can use a duvet that is made from various fabrics. You can see here that the bedroom doesn’t have many items inside it.

14. Mansard Reborn

Mansard Reborn

Sean Smith Construction, Inc.

There are windows around the bedroom that brings light to the space. It also has a study area as well. Flower prints are used for the bedroom’s fabrics.

15. Brink’s Model Home

Brink's Model Home

PCS Design: Residential, Remodel, New Construction

Patterns of different kinds are combined in this bedroom. With the looks of it. I can tell that this one fits for both male and female users.

16. Ipswich


Jason McNamara Photography

A small comfy bed is used for this bedroom but what I really like here aside from the windows is that kitchen set made from wood.

17. Halfar


Shawna Jaramillo

If you have two girls, you can use this design and yes, you can also do away with the usual pink colors. This one has a forest whimsical feel especially that it added little bird houses on the wall.

18. Fairytale Bedroom


Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

This is indeed a bedroom that fits a princess. It looks really sophisticated with the colors and fabrics it used. But what is very impressive here is the design of the bed.

19. Greenwich, CT

Greenwich, CT

Valerie Grant Interiors

A four poster bed also looks perfect for a girl’s bedroom. Add some flower designs on it like this one and it will look even more beautiful.

20. Traditional Space

Traditional Space

Sroka Design, Inc.

Huge flowers are seen on the wall of this bedroom for a little girl. You can also notice that the cushions use different prints for its cover it and it has a house shaped bookshelf.

21. Butterfly Girls Bedroom

Butterfly Girls Bedroom

Toks Aruoture

A butterfly themed bedroom with pink and white colors. The butterflies of course had various colors used on it. That bunch of flowers on the cabinet look very refreshing.

22. Country House Girls Bedroom

Country House Girls Bedroom

Oliver Burns

This bedroom has butterflies too but they are on the wallpaper as well as on the throw pillows. It is a good idea to add a storage bench at the foot of the bed where toys can be stored.

23. Entire Home Renovation & Addition

Entire Home Renovation & Addition

Gerry Dunleavy Construction

A mix of patterns are used in this bedroom but it looks nice here instead of being busy. Nice work indeed! And that cabinet looks really gorgeous!

Whatever is the motif or style of the bedroom, it would always look chic and cute if it is for a little girl. We can always see the sweetness of a girl in the bedroom whether it is modern or traditional. You have noted that most of the bedrooms are pink or lavender which is the usual favorite colors of little girls. But other bedrooms also have other color palettes too. Aside from the color, it is the decors and fabrics that add appeal to girl’s bedrooms. Show this list to your little girl and she might want something similar.