22 Charming Farmhouse Bedroom Designs

Want to see the sweet and charming style of a farmhouse interior? Check this out.

I know you get used to seeing homes with modern interiors because it is the trend these days but there are still homes that also use other interior styles as well from contemporary, Asian, eclectic, cottage, rustic, farmhouse and many others. It just depends on your taste and design preference as well as the functions you need for your space. We have featured many different bedroom designs already. I am sure you are fueled with ideas but we never run out lists to feature for you.

So, today, we have collated farmhouse bedroom designs that will inspire you. Most farmhouse spaces has painted wooden walls, wooden floors, wooden beds which would also have four posters, patterned fabrics and a mixture of various textures. If you are not familiar with this kind of design, you can take a look at other farmhouse interiors that we have featured before and of course, take a look at this list of 22 farmhouse bedrooms that we have gathered for your inspiration. Scroll down and get new bedroom design ideas for your home!

farmhouse bedroom

1. Tewksbury Farmhouse

Tewksbury Farmhouse

Dan Ruhland Designs LLC

Aside from the gray wooden wall, this also has wooden ceiling. But if you look closely, there are modern elements too like the lamps and even the design of the bed which has storage for books under it.

2. Bathhouse


Richardson Architects

One notable feature of a farmhouse space is the use of patterns like what we can see here. The windows look nice too and could allow the entry of natural light into it. Also notice that wooden bench in the bedroom as well.

3. The Grey Barn

The Grey Barn

Holmes Hole Builders LLC

A small bedroom with vaulted ceiling has white colors all over but the print of the bed covers add more visual appeal to the area.

4. Best Historic Renovation/Best Residential Remodel

Best Historic Renovation/Best Residential Remodel

Clark Construction of Ridgefield, Inc

The use of floral fabrics for this bedroom is just sweet and charming. With this bed, you will feel like you are being brought to the past again because of its traditional or classic appeal.

5. Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom

Olsen Studios

A contemporary bedroom with some farmhouse touches from its area rug, its colors and even that printed chair. The patterns here reflect farmhouse style too.

6. Frio Family Retreat

Frio Family Retreat

Dalgleish Construction Company

This bedroom has wooden beams on it as well as painted white walls that are made from wood. Apart from this relaxing private space, the view outdoors through the windows is also a good thing.

7. Dry Creek Estate

Dry Creek Estate

Bevan Associates

Another bedroom with white interiors. Notice its combination of colors here which has an inclination to nature. The bedroom is surrounded by windows too which brings light and air into it.

8. Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom

New Old

Isn’t this a very creative and sophisticated bedroom? I like the look of the bed because it gives a subtle princess feel to the area. Notice the prints of the area rug which didn’t overdo the look of the space. A rustic chandelier hangs on the ceiling that complements with the table lamp on the side.

9. Adrienne Chinn Design

Adrienne Chinn Design

Adrienne Chinn

What look interesting in this bedroom are the wood on the ceiling as well as the wood on the walls. Looking good, right? Well, it is actually challenging to pull off this look but the designer was able to give it a beautiful appeal with the color of the duvet as well as the print on the area rug.

10. Farmhouse Bedroom US

Farmhouse Bedroom US

Dyer Photo

This bedroom isn’t just surrounded by French windows but there is also a door that leads to the balcony. That area rug looks pretty too as it complements with the chair and the pillow.

11. Historic Caretaker’s Wing

Historic Caretaker's Wing

Lisa Teague Design Studios

This farmhouse bedroom has a combination of blue and white colors. Notice the floral prints on the bed as well as on the throw pillow. What I like here is the candle holder that gave it a subtle ocean touch as well as that white-washed side table with drawers.

12. Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Dayna Katlin Interiors

As you look at this bedroom, the painting will surely catch your attention but notice the softness of the pillows and the mattress of the four-poster bed too. Brown shades are used for the windows.

13. 2014 Fall Parade of Homes – The Chorley Cottage

2014 Fall Parade of Homes - The Chorley Cottage

Clark & Co Homes

A mirrored side table was added in this bedroom. You can notice the mix of patterns here as well. The flooring is covered with a carpet for a soft feel under the feet.

14. Farmhouse Bedroom NY

Farmhouse Bedroom NY

Bryan S. Joyce

At first glance, this bedroom looks busy with the patterns and prints on the carpet, bedding and chairs. In the middle of the room is a rustic themed chandelier with different shades. The details of the bed is beautiful too.

15. Farmhouse Bedroom Houston

Farmhouse Bedroom Houston

Maison Maison Tx

Instead of white walls, this one has green but looks so sweet especially with the combination of pink shades and some red accents on the fabrics and chairs.

16. Farmhouse Bedroom Atlanta

Farmhouse Bedroom Atlanta

Norwood Architects

A canopy bed is paired with a chest that doubles as a bench on the footer of the bed. A mirrored side table with drawers is also added in the farmhouse bedroom that features wood all over.

17. An Abundant Rural Retreat in the Barossa Valley

An Abundant Rural Retreat in the Barossa Valley

Carousel Media

The headboard of the bed is a bookshelf that doesn’t just bear books but other collections by the owner. In the middle of the bedroom is a pendant light with a floral design. Wood is used for the flooring of this bedroom while an area rug is also added on the working area.

18. The New Farmhouse

The New Farmhouse

Rafe Churchill: Traditional Houses

A wooden bed has white beddings and a lacy fabric. A gray pillow also adds some appeal to the space. Light green colors are used for the baseboard and around the windows and doors.

19. US Farmhouse Bedroom

US Farmhouse Bedroom

Stone Horse Design

Red and white checkered fabric is used for this bedroom which looks pretty nice with light yellow colors. In between the bed is a wooden table that has storage space. Nice, room, right?

20. Farmhouse Bedroom Charleston

Farmhouse Bedroom Charleston

Cameron Stewart Design

Like the previous space, this also has wooden vaulted ceiling but this used a more Earthy palette from the furniture to the area rug.

21. Southern Living Photos

Southern Living Photos

Southern Living

The bed was placed in the middle of two windows creating a symmetrical appeal with two side tables and lamps on its side. You can also notice that there are different patterns here.

22. Girl’s Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom

Haver & Skolnick LLC Architects

I know your eyes are drawn by the patterns on the floor. But notice also the decors in this farmhouse bedroom like the wall candle holders that is also a decorative wall element in the space.

There is indeed something different about farmhouse interiors- maybe it’s the combination of a cottage and rustic look as well as contemporary style. But whatever it is, it sure looks nice and inviting. We can see all its beauty in the bedroom we have featured above. Isn’t it very nice? You can also notice the use of patterns for the fabrics and the different textures too that we can see from hard wood to soft wool. Contrast is one key for a beautiful interior design. What can you say about the bedroom designs above? Would you consider a space with this style?