Bunk Beds for Four or More in 23 Boy’s Bedroom

If there are four or more siblings in the house, this is the solution for the bedroom space.

When I was a kid, I can remember sleeping at the top bed of a bunk bed. My brother and I were very excited when we had a bunk bed. I enjoy climbing up to get to my space. We slept in a bunk bed for years! For sure, many of us were able to experience that especially if there are many siblings in the house. And we admit it, it is fun to have a bunk bed indeed especially if it is covered with beautiful bed cover designs!

Today, I made a list of bunk beds that is good for four or more people in a boy’s bedroom. And we speak of boy’s bedrooms, you would commonly see colors like blue, red, white, gray, brown and black. If it comes to the theme, the usual ones are rustic, barn style, nautical and of course modern design. Let us take a look at the bedrooms below and notice how the beds were adorned and how the designers did the layout of the spaces. Scroll down and get some inspiration below.

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1. Rockin’ E Ranch

Rockin' E Ranch

Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

White is an expected color to use for a boy’s space. In this bedroom, it has a blue area rug which adds a cool factor in the area.

2. Lakefront Camp

Lakefront Camp

Kristina Crestin Design

Well, speaking of blue colors, this one has blue covers for all the beds and red pillows. Another thing that I can notice here are the drawers in the steps that lead to the upper beds.

3. Colorado Retreat

Colorado Retreat The Aztec prints of these bunk beds look just right in its rustic design. I also like it that there is a cabinet in the middle of the beds.

4.Kids Bunk Room

Kids Bunk Room

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

You will surely get the nautical feel of this bedroom in its white and red colors as well as the blue clouds in the ceiling.

5. Bedroom Bunk

Bedroom Bunk

Still Water Architecture

The rustic feel of this bedroom is pretty awesome, right? Notice that aside from the beds, there is also a wooden bench near the window as well as a working area with a rustic lamp.

6. Bohemian Apartment Boys Room

Bohemian Apartment Boys Room


Kids will surely be happy to have a space like this with a modern design! Love the colors used here too.

7. Sugar Bowl Residence

Sugar Bowl Residence

John Maniscalco Architecture

Isn’t that view outside stunning? It sure is! Notice also that the way the beds were designed and decorated are the same.

8. Peak 8 Penthouse – Bedrooms

Peak 8 Penthouse - Bedrooms

New Mood Design

This one isn’t just for four people but for six! You can see how the beddings are alike here which looks really nice with apple green and red colors.

9. Ute Rock Residence

Ute Rock Residence

Forum Phi

Boys will no doubt have fun in this bedroom with green and blue colors. Don’t you just love this? Instead of putting all the beds in one location, notice that there is another bunk bed on the far end.

10. Bunk Room

Bunk Room

Phillip W Smith General Contractor, Inc.

That striped area rug looks nice in this bedroom aside from the patterns seen in the throw pillows.

11. Malibu


Rice Paddies Interiors

This is a perfect bunk bed for a contemporary home! I like the wood finishes here and the combination of blue and white.

12. Bunk Room 2

Bunk Room 2

Phillip W Smith General Contractor, Inc.

Just a simple bedroom with lights on each bed. It has a lovely area rug in the middle as well.

13. Lake Chatuge Fishing Lodge

Lake Chatuge Fishing Lodge

Timberlake Custom Homes, LLC

I found it interesting that they used net for the upper level to make sure no one will fall or their stuffs will not fall. Notice that area rug too, very beautiful!

14. Beautiful Tahoe Family Home 101

Beautiful Tahoe Family Home 101

Crestwood Construction Inc.

This bedroom looks simple with wooden bunk beds good for eight people. What made it look nicer are the colors used in the pillows.

15. Hampton Beach House

Hampton Beach House

Stephens Design Group

You would feel like you are in a boat once you see this space and yes, it does look really nice especially because of the colors and as well as that golden pendant lights which gives me a good idea for a DIY.

16. High Times

High Times

Peace Design

A rustic home has a seating area right in the bedroom space. You can still see here the beds with gray covers and stripes.

17. Sunset Cove

Sunset Cove

Sullivan, Henry, Oggero and Associates, Inc.

Unlike the previous space, this one looks really neat with a modern approach to an underwater themed bedroom.

18. Cliffs Lakeside Retreat

Cliffs Lakeside Retreat

Gabriel Builders Inc.

Not just four but eight people can sleep in this bedroom with wooden bunk beds and red accents.

19. Fun Spaces

Fun Spaces

INVIEW Interior Design

I like the way this bedroom is designed with a modern approach to style. Even the colors are modern as well!

20. Palmetto Bluff Custom Home

Palmetto Bluff Custom Home

Wayne Windham Architect, P.A

I can say that this one is a uni-sex bedroom because of the colors used in it. But you can of course see the whiteness of the area even more.

21. Nautical Bunkroom

Nautical Bunkroom

Dempsey Hodges Construction

A nautical themed bedroom which we can notice not just because of the color but also because of the decors just like that lamp. You can see here that the pillows on each bed has an initial of the owner.

22. Sharon Pool Barn

Sharon Pool Barn

James Dixon Architects

Well if you want a simple bunk bed design, this will do with all white colors.

23. Beach District House

Beach District House


Although girls love chevron and stripes, this bedroom is actually a boy’s space!

Isn’t it fun to sleep in a bedroom like this? It sure is! Obviously, you would be able to have a great bonding time with your siblings, friends or cousins in a bedroom like the ones above. I can already sense the laughter and the late night slumber while in the spaces above. How about you, do you want to have a room like the ones you saw in this list? Or do you sleep in a bedroom like with bunk beds for four or more people?