22 Cool Designs of Bunk Beds For Four

Oftentimes, some mothers out there would love to plan a room for their kids wherein it is shared together by twins, two brothers or sisters. But hey mom, what if you got a bigger family just like having quadruplets or having four kids but then you only have a limited space for your family. Then the only solution to your problem in this case would be to design a room that would accommodate your four kids. And I think the best to way to do this is to furnish the bedroom with two sets of bunk beds.

A bunk bed is one of the many styles of bed in which normally one bed is stacked above the other bed. Surprisingly, the style of this bed is the best way of conserving spaces for a bedroom most especially when it’s for your four kids. So in this way the rest of the spaces can be used as a play area and other functional space that your kids can enjoy. Furthermore, you can achieve a fresh and organized design for your kid’s bedroom. But of course for a more fun and lively space, this area will not just serve as a place to sleep – your kids can invite their friends and your families where they can share the comfort and calmness of the area.

1. French Chalk Wash

Bunk Beds For Four

Austin Bryant Moore

This is so stunning! The walls are beautifully designed and furnished with built-in bed drawers.

2. Man Barn

antique barn beams four beds kids bedroom

Daniel Contelmo Architects

It seems that this would be a perfect room for weekend sleepovers of your friends and family. This would be a perfect set-up for barn houses.

3. Coastal Living

beach style


A two queen sized beds and two double beds above would accommodate a large amount of grandchildren.

4. Wolf Creek Ranch

rustic style four beds kids bedroom

Shubin + Donaldson Architects

This space got a sleek design because you can see the smoothness of the materials used. It simply matches with the environment.

5. Newport Beach

mediterranean style


White paints would always give a clean and vibrant look into every room. Cabinets also play an important role in a room which makes it look tidy.

6. Lake Keowee

boys bunk bed four beds kids bedroom

Tindall Architecture Workshop

Your young boys would really love the color and the style of this room. Everything is neat and properly done.

7. Resort Home

double bunk bed four beds kids bedroom

Suzanne Nichols Design Group

It would be very attractive to see if a natural light is well-balanced throughout the room.

8. Lynbrook-Houston

green blue white four beds kids bedroom

Frankel Building Group

This room shows a good color taste. The color combinations really blend well that gives a vibrant aura to the room.

9. Lake Austin State

contemporary bunk beds four beds kids bedroom

Chas Architects

It seems like that this room displays a contemporary style. Adding up sofa and coffee table would look very soothing.

10. Kids’ Oasis

Bunk Beds For Four

Abby Hetherington Interiors

Themed room are very attractive for kids especially when you decorate it with antique materials.

11. The Bunk Bed

space saving four beds kids bedroom

Crestwood Construction Inc.

Bunk beds are a great idea for saving spaces. The design of this bunk room is perfect for mountain cabin.

12. Southwest Retreat

cowboy theme four beds kids bedroom

Kim Scodro Interiors

This one’s for the boys! If rodeo is his choice of sport in the near future then this style would fit his taste.

13. Sconset Beach Front Home

twin mattresses four beds kids bedroom

Jonathan Raith

Since the bunk beds conserve the spaces, for sure your kids would enjoy a mini camping with their friends.

14. Bunk Room

bunk beds four beds kids bedroom

Lauren Leonard Interiors

This style is simple yet has a very clean and organized look. It is very important that there is color coordination from rags, sheets and other linens.

15. Marco Island Remodel

Bunk Beds For Four

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

You must make sure that upper decks would still be safe to sleep on. Using a rope in this style would give a unique look.

16. Beautiful Mountain Residence

traditional style

Glennwood Custom Builders

It would be great and very unique if you would try a different style of bed positions just like this.

17. The Farmhouse

hanging bed slabs four beds kids bedroom

Magnolia Homes

In this contemporary look, those hanging slab beds are offering a very distinct look and style.

18. Signature Beach Condo

custom built

Lovelace Interiors

We just need to be creative! But of course, the stairs can be used as storage.

19. Cliff Road Area

wood railing top

Jonathan Raith

The stairs I think would be the most important part in this type of bed.

20. Balnarring Beach House

bunk bed curtains

Diane Bergeron Interiors

If your kids wanted to have privacy for their space then curtains are the right choice.

21. Central Park West

cream and orange bunk bedroom

Willey Design

Rooms would always look attractive and presentable when you know how to play with colors.

22. 87 Crown Pointe

Bunk Beds For Four

Toulmin Homes

This one’s got a classy look. Surely your kids would just stay all day in their bed watching with that ceiling-mounted LED television.

Having seen those beautiful styles and designs, I would say that at this point of time I know that your dilemma ends there, But of course since the world gives you many choices, you can also try other designs of bed wherein the its purpose and style would fit your taste.

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