The Modern Design of A House in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here’s a modern residence designed for a couple situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This has an area of 490.0 square meters and designed by GMARQ. The designer said that they encourage the client to take part in the design procedure to fully achieve their goals. Since the Estudio GMARQ are known for its success because they usually worked closely with their clients when starting to design their home. This is to ensure the design of the house that will fully suit the client’s lifestyle.

With the cooperation of the client, the architects were able to fully customize the structure of the building and the home within the contemporary aesthetics frame. And according to the designers, the A House procedure was not burn out of this work philosophy. This is true because during their first meetings the couple that has no children yet and said that they have no idea of the appearance of their house.

So the designer made an idea of getting to know more of the client’s lifestyle. They interviewed them to know how they spend their daily life and what their expectations in the future are. Hence the design of the house covers the uses of space to accommodate their daily life activities and other important social events as well. Now let’s take a look at the features of this house as it is highlighted in the space where the client can or may spend their routines. Scroll down and check the images of these Modern A House below.

A House design

You may notice the cantilevered volume of the structure of the building that has a contemporary frame.


Look at the patterned green plants and grass that surrounded the A House.


The designer chose to place a lap pool in this A House to complement with its shape and volume.


This wooden door jive with the stoned walls and floors that show its smooth and rough texture.

Living room

The smooth and white sofa is very effective to show a more neat and clean living space.

Living area

The designer made use of the glassed material for its walls that will allow the client to see the beautiful landscape outside.


Even in the kitchen the designer see to it that they utilized the latest fixtures that may help the client on their routines every morning.

Mini Bar

Outside the kitchen is the mini bar where the designer maintains the geometrical volume and shape.


Wood and stone elements are used in the stairs to maintain the customized theme of the house.


In this bedroom the brown color of the furniture contrast the light shade of the bed sheets and walls as well.

Exterior design

Proper lightings in the interior and candles in the table set in the exterior is enough to show its luxury and elegance.

lawn area

A unique volume of the lap pool highlighted its above ground design in the middle of this green grass.

Pool design

The sun’s rays can freely enter the interior because of the glass elements utilized by the designer.

A House

The stucco stone used in the walling of this building complements with the pattern landscape design in the exterior.

A House

The lights installed in the sides of the pathway to the garage of this house are enough to highlight the every angle of the house.

This house is composed of 2 well-defined areas in terms of its functions and materials. First is the public area which is located on the ground floor. It is covered in stone that has a different access from the area that most of the time is used in daily activities. It has another one for services which is located to separate the house from the nearest neighbours. Well the first floor is finished with light grey stucco covering encloses all private spaces for the couple and their future children as well.

The successive yards are capable of allowing the physical division without alerting the buildings volume unity while it is used to make it lighter which can be intentionally seen as a compact one from outside. Thus the overall design of this house A is successfully achieved by the architects Adrian Govetto and Lucas Mansilla as the heads of the GMARQ. They have answered the demands and the needs of the clients in the future.