Green Roofed and Eco-Friendly New Forest House by PAD Studio

We have seen so many houses that were situated in areas surrounded by trees. Our house feature for today is also situated in the middle of greens and nature. It was even designed to be in one with it. The New Forest House is called such since it is located in the New Forest National Park in UK. The design was done in consideration of the sensitive environment. PAD Studio, the designer of this house, made sure that it will have minimal impact to the site.

The house is comprised of two volumes and is designed with sustainable, durable and locally sourced materials so that it can be in harmony with the surroundings. It has three bedrooms, an open plan living area, a dining area, kitchen area and a basement. The basement offers a utility space and media room. The house faces South to give it a good view of the natural pool and the sun. Now, let us take a look at the New Forest House below:

New Forest house

You can see here that the house has a simple design using straight lines to keep its minimal look.

Green Roofed house

Using glass materials gives the house a larger feel and also allows natural light to get inside.

Eco-Friendly home

Wood was greatly used for this house from floor to ceiling. But the foundations were made of concrete.


In its effort to preserve the environment, even lizards were moved out of the area so that they won’t get hurt during construction.


This house that sits on an 18.5 acre plot has a green roof with native sedum to further insulate the home.

Living room

This is the living room of this green home that indeed occupies an open plan. It used colors close to nature for its furniture.

Dining area

To maintain its nature feel, wood was added to the cabinets and was also used for the dining set.


The kitchen looks totally neat and is provided with ample storage areas.


Wooden planks were used for the wall of this bedroom which matches well with the concept of the house.


This is the stairwell that led to the basement of the house. In this picture, we can also get a good look at the wooden planks that were locally sourced.

peep window

A peep to the window from the basement where a media room and utility space is located.

lawn area

A house with a basement and a green roof- what more could the owners ask for?

cross section

The section of the house which shows you its volumes and the basement as well.

floor Plan

If you want to get a better understanding of the home’s design, take a look at this floor plan.

New Forest home

The sketch plan of the house showing us a cottage on separated from the house which serves as an guest room.

You can just imagine how much effort the designers have given for this project just to make sure that the environment will not be affected in its design and construction. They even needed to work with the local authorities so that they can be permitted to have a house built in this area. PAD Studio did great for this project especially that they made it eco-friendly and sustainable. It has a solar thermal system to generate hot water for the domestic use and rainwater can be harvested from the green roof. The natural swimming pool teams with the existing flowers and animals in the area including the lizards. And oh, the lizards were returned when the house construction was completed.