New Canaan Residence: A Modern Home in Nature’s Nest

With the trend of modern homes these days, homeowners would always love to have a home that is designed with that trend. But despite that, they would also want their homes to be near nature. With that, many homes are designed combining modern house styles and the verdant touches of nature. This happens because every one of us wants to get home with an environment that is relaxing in order to drain all the stresses from a day’s work.

Today, we will showcase a house called New Canaan Residence in Connecticut that suits into the definition we have given above. It is seated in the middle of old-growth trees and is named by the designer as a “mid-century modern beacon”. Specht Harpman designed the house with strong and sleek lines and created it to be like a floating pavilion with trees around it. You can see the lovely landscape and the good combination of modern house design with the environment. Check out the images of the New Canaan Residence below:

New Canaan residences

The house is being highlighted with the swimming pool that is also geometric like the house design.


The exterior of this house is inviting especially with the concrete pathway that directly leads to the entrance of the home.


Isn’t this pool very welcoming? The design itself is already an eye candy even if it has a simple shape. But the ambiance made all the difference making one want to splash into the cold water.

Interior design

The interior of this home is a picture of simplicity. You can also notice the use of earth colors to create a warm aura.

Living Room

The living room with a contemporary touch is one of the best places in the interior. The strong lines from the furniture are softened by the carpet and other fabrics in it.

Modern Home design

From this living area, you can see the home bar which is also minimal in design but look at how organized it is!

Master Bedroom

The headboard of the master’s bedroom is a good focal point. But you can also notice that even this bedroom kept the low tone colors and its minimalism.


Most kitchens are white like this one but not all kitchens are as tidy and organized as this. This is a modular kitchen that appears to have used veneers.


Another bedroom which is less elegant than the master’s bedroom. The good point of this room is the usage of glass that makes it look visually wider.


A bathroom as simple yet well-designed as this could be your dream for your own home. It used mosaic tiles for the floor and gray ceramic tiles for the wall.


Now this is the outdoor area where you can see bushes which are obviously maintained and well-taken care of. The simple modern look is extended outdoors.


Just near the pool area is an outdoor kitchen where the homeowners can also dine and prepare their food while getting their own dose of relaxation in the pool.

New Canaan

One side of the house that shows the usage of sleek lines for the exterior as well as the use of glass materials.

You can observe that the interior spaces are designed in a simple manner. But you can also see that despite its being simple, it looked sophisticated. The choice of furniture perfectly fitted into its modern interior. Even the colors were well chosen giving the home a warm and calming aura. One of secrets of this house is the creation of smart storage areas in order to make sure that all their stuffs are were kept, thus, avoiding clutter.

Specht Harpman showed the vivid work of a genius. The design of this house is not just like the ones you can pick from a design magazine because this house design is picked from the intelligent minds of the designers. So, if you want to get a modern house while retaining the trees and verdant grasses around it, you can take a look at this residence which is designed in that manner. You might be able to get inspiration from this.