Magnificent Forestation and Distinctive Design of the Torcuato House in Buenos Aires

A residential house project built in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina is our featured house for today. For we all know that Buenos Aires, Argentina is best known for its exceptional house designs and landscape. This house is known as Torcuato House. When we talk about its location, according to the designer this is a country club which was founded in the year 1950s. During those years these house design have added the immeasurable worth of magnificent forestation and different species of trees and bushes.

These enhanced the look of the exterior that may definitely attract the client in choosing this location. In fact, this house is owned by a couple with a teenager son. They requested a distinctive house design that will allow them to enjoy not just the interior but also the exterior. Indeed this homeowner simply requested for a three bedrooms, a comfortable living room with a fireplace, dining area integrated into the kitchen, veranda with barbeque, and a budget limited to 280 square meters. Now let us see the different wonderful spaces of the house through the images below.

Torcuato House Rough texture of the concrete materials in the house building match perfectly with the landscape.

Magnificent Forestation See how these tall trees and lush vegetation in the exterior complements with the tall buildings of the house.

Distinctive home Design Patterns and linear arrangements are carefully highlighted from the garden to the edifice and floors of the house.

Buenos Aires See the open-plan layout of the interior that may usually allow the sustainable light and natural ventilation to decrease the energy consumption.

foot bridge Let us take a glance at this foot bridge creatively placed here to connect the two buildings accordingly.

 lawn area We really can’t deny the fact that even in the patio area we can perceive the different textures that adds attraction.

 living room Glazed walls and sliding glass doors emphasize the open plan layout of the interior.

bookshelf Colors and forms of the furniture as well as the other accessories jive with the wooden floors and ceilings in the living space.

interior design Different sizes of boxes are applied in the interior designs as well as in the furniture.

kitchen area The red palette in the kitchen cabinet below the sink improves the color used in the interior.

wooden table set Wooden table paired with this unique and modern chairs are enough to stress its contemporary designs.

stone element design Elements of stones, concrete, wood and glass graced not just the exterior but the interior as well.

concrete staircase Rough texture of these stones blended well with the texture of the walls and staircase.

second floor glass wall At the second floor, the client may best view all the amazing features of the interior and exterior of this house.

 bedroom Office space is designated in the spacious bedroom to allow the homeowner check his projects and plans even at home.

entertainment bedroom Linear patterns are emphasized in the ceilings and floors of this bedroom that shows movement and sophistication in the interior.

indoor lighting At night, couple of lights are installed in the exterior and interior so to highlight the details of the modern concept of this house.

Torcuato House Geometrical forms of the edifice are still highlighted even at night for the charming lights installed here that made this look livelier.

As we have witnessed the different areas of the house through the above images, we can see how the – BAK arquitectos creatively utilized the different elements that will make the house designs stand out from the interior to the exterior. The second floor allows the provision of privacy to the main bedroom and its service areas such as bathroom and dressing room. The amazing functions of the main bedroom terrace to the homeowners to take the full advantage of the overlooking water courtyard and the backyard are truly impressive. We hope that you have learned new ideas today that you may certainly follow in the making of your future house.