A Look at the Sunset Point Residence in Washington, USA

Every morning we are delighted to see the beautiful sunshine when we open our room’s window as well as the sunset when the day is about to end. The scenario brought by the sunset and the sunshine usually gives us a different feeling and mood as well. We will certainly have good vibes when we see the golden sun in the morning. While in the late afternoon the sunset indicates that we have completed the task for the entire day and yet it’s about time to relax and rest. That is why today we will be presenting to you one of the best house designed by David Vandervort Architects.

This house is called Sunset Point Residence. With an area of 2, 365 square foot, this house residence is located on a shoreline in San Juan Island in Washington, USA. The designer also used glass materials for its walls so that the homeowners can positively see the relaxing view of the sunset. It is said that the design of this house is especially planned for the couple who wants to feel secure and comfortable. The architectural design of this house is consists of two pavilions.

These two pavilions are arranged to adapt the site and the materials used here. The materials utilized here are very helpful to be nice to see the views of the exterior. The materials included here are the CMU Block and naturally stained cedar siding. The predominant elements considered here are the hot rolled steel and metal roof. Now let us check the interiors and exteriors of this Sunset Point Residence. Kindly see the different images below.

Sun Point Residence

Take a look at the entrance of this house as you can see the trees surrounded the house and its two-car garage.

Washington home design

The landscape design in this pathway is pretty simple but it can express the beauty of nature.

lawn pathway

We can see the strong connection of the nature from exterior to the interior of this residence.

fireplace area

Let’s see how the different shapes, forms, volumes and classy color of the furniture is successfully combined in this living area.

Interior design

Even when the homeowner stands in the second level of the house he can still enjoy the view outside.


Here is the neat and clean kitchen where you can see the modern fixture that match with the beigh color of the cabinet.

Kitchen cooking area

As you can see the kitchen is located in front of the living room so it can easily access to the kitchen and dining room especially during dinner.

Dining Room

The dining area and the living area is placed near the kitchen so the homeowner can still view the shore.

kitchen interior

The beige, white and dark brown color of the furniture as well as the lights is creatively matches the wooden materials used in all the areas of the house.

landing area

This stairs can bring the homeowner to the different levels of the house to check the different angles of the beautiful spot outside.

outdoor dining set

In the morning or late afternoon, here is one of the highlighted areas of the house where the couple can inhale the fresh air.


In the master bedroom, the homeowner has their own fireplace so to overcome the coolness of the temperature in the entire place.


Here is the most important part of the house where the couple can enjoy taking a bath in the bath tub or in the shower while checking the wonderful nature.

lawn area

The beautiful landscape of this residence is enough to invite the fresh air and warm sun so that the couple can still enjoy the small chat in this area.

indoor lighting

At night, the interior of the house is clearly seen in the outside because of the glass materials used here.

Sun Point Residence

The lights installed in this house is extra-ordinary for it can also create a more classic look.

As we witness the interior and exterior of the house we can say that the designers exerted its full effort to come up with this incredible residential house. Moreover, the materials used in the interiors utilized as its structure and accent. In fact it has a great room fireplace set made in CMU and steel columns. These columns were able to support a nearly two story curved window wall and loft. Other features of the main floor of this Sunset Point Residence were the outdoor entertaining patio and or utility area. Also it has a two car garage and incredible natural landscapes outside.

And in the second level, it has a glass bridge to the loft that is connected to the Guest suite and the exercise area. Hence as you have seen the different features of this residential house we are sure that you may choose to adapt the concept and features of this Sunset Point Residence for your dream house as well. And the David Vandervort Architects successfully presented the design and the demands of the clients. With that we are sure that the couple achieved the most secured and comfortable feeling in this house.