The Interesting Design of the Jewel Box House Extension in London

Some house are built based on various designs, even from things that we will not expect to be be a good source of idea for a home. Imagine a house that is inspired by the many spaces in a jewel box, how would it look like? Well, it would look like this Jewel Box house in London, England. This project is a renovation and extension to a home in order to provide it a dining and garden room.

The Jewel Box is designed by Fraher Architects who stated: “Conceived as a series of jeweled boxes carefully inserted into the existing fabric, the proposals open up and revitalize what was a series of dark disjointed spaces. Timber and concrete have been combined in a simple palette of materials that wrap around the existing fabric, inviting the user through the space and into the garden. The remaining period architectural features are retained and celebrated whilst the rear addition utilizes a double canted wildflower roof to bounce light deep into the floor plate.” Truly interesting! Now, let us take a virtual tour of this house extension and see the jewels of its unique design.

Fraher Architects

Even as a mere extension, the area was designed really well using wooden sidings for the exterior.

Jewel Box

Aside from the dining area, a study room inside a glass is also featured here.

London house England

The house extension leads to a garden where guests and members of the family could enjoy the outdoors.

Interesting house Design

A mud room was deemed necessary to keep the house clean. The colorful hooks are fun additions to the space.

beautiful hanging lamp

The ceiling of the interior has a beautiful design. It features a skylight too.

outdoor garden

Aside from the ceiling, the lights are interesting as it add a sense of creativity in the house.


These steps lead to the study area and it can be lighted during night time.


This is a bedroom in the house which was just fitted into the hanging cabinets making it work like a canopy.

bedroom lights

You can see here the cabinets we were talking about and how it was utilized to carry some lighting too instead of a bedside table.

kitchen sink

A sleek sink for the kitchen is seen here with a modern faucet design.

patio design

A view of the garden which will surely make anyone feel relaxed.

floor plan

Take a look at the existing floor plans of the house.

revised plan

While this one is the revised plan with the extension.

Jewel Box

This diagram shows the jewel box concept of the house.

The house extensions also features a hidden garden study which is a perfect spot for contemplation. The Fraher Architects also said that “sustainable Scottish Larch combines with a series of green roofs to soften the junctions of the insertion and provides a habitat for local wildlife. Super insulation and rainwater storage add to the eco credentials of the scheme.” No wonder that the house turned out really well because everything was indeed well planned! What can you say about this design?